El Guapo On The Comeback Trail


Handsome return
Ex-Sox reliever Garces is the pride of Nashua -- and hopes to get back to the majors

By Stan Grossfeld, Globe Staff | August 3, 2007

NASHUA, N.H. -- It's four hours before game time and Holman Stadium is nearly deserted. In the parking lot, the young Nashua Pride players -- born in the 1980s -- arrive in carpool style, chatting about their girlfriends, cheap restaurants, and the lack of 34-inch bats in stock.

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Records Post

I noticed on the Little Fenway site they have a records section. We should begin compiling some...and I have a few:

-Consecutive Dingers
(3) Todd Goodyear

-Consecutive One and Done's (Multi-Inning)
(3) El Guapo (I blush)

Anyone else remember some tough to beat feats???

Lord Wiffle