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LowCard Releases the 2011 Player Cards

LowCard officially released the complete set of wiffle cards for 2011. In distinct contrast to previous years, this set is a very trim and lean edition. Due to budgetary constraints imposed by parent company, The LowPress, only 8 players received cards. This keeps with the standard set last season that only those participating in Wifftober will receive cards.

This season each player only has one card corresponding to their Wifftober team. As no awards were awarded, no cards for awards were produced. This is the smallest set ever produced by LowCard and they are sure to be collector's items.

All cards can be viewed here.

Lucrative Calendar Deal Saves LowPress

LowBall celebrates its fifth season with a commemorative calendar. The beautiful piece of date keeping features high quality images from last year's infamous campaign. All proceeds from calendar sales go to keeping the LowPress afloat and buying little white pieces of plastic for the league.

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This Day in History

Today marks the official fifth anniversary of what has become Lowball. Following a morning of being the "hot dog guys" of Lincoln during the town-wide junk swap, the players who would become El Guapo and J-Mac ventured forth into what would become Gap Bridge, hallowed ground in the community of Lowball. There, the two warriors met with the man who would one day be Commisioner of our beloved sport. Though details of that day have been lost, what was started there and then, my friends, lives on in all of us. I, personally, am grateful for what Lowball has been, hopeful for what it may be and frickin' pumped for what we have created. Men, I am pleased beyond words to be associated with such like-minded men-children. I am raising my glass to all.

A New Season Emerges


Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No by James Blagden

Blank Scorecard

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Wiffle Bat History

With yard saling in full swing, I believe it is best for a quick overview of the wiffle bat timeline. I have only included the official bats produced by Wiffle. There are a bunch of authorized wiffle bats, you can check out the full bat history at www.wiffleballusa.com. That is where the bulk of my information came from.

1954 - Wooden Wiffle King - the original bat made for one year. Rare bat, recently sold for $41 on ebay.

1955-1972 - Wooden Wiffle Bat - the common wooden bat, it came with a single strip of black tape around the handle in the spirit of stick ball. Fairly common on ebay selling between $8-$35.

1959-1974 - Original Plastic Bat - simply has the words "Official Wiffle Bat" in block letters on the barrel and no grip on the handle.

1975 - Black Plastic Bat - produced for one year only due to the oil crisis.

1976-1982 - Generation 2 Yellow Plastic Bat - same as the original except the rough (little dots) grip was added. Mint bat sold for $72 on ebay, still in the packaging.
1983-1991 - Generation 3 Yellow Plastic Bat - same as gen 2 except the words "Made in the USA" were added just below the logo. LowBall acquired one bat from the Beck archives and one from Lincoln yard sale for a grand total of $0.

1992 - Present - Generation 4 Yellow Plastic Bat - the current version with the bubble lettered logo as opposed to block letters.

John Fogerty "Centerfield"

and live playing a baseball bat guitar...

Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Greens

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - Hunter S. Thompson

HST, Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Greens if you are not into the whole brevity thing, is located stumbling distance from quaint, semi-historic downtown Bristol, Vermont. The field pays homage in name and quirks to the late, great, and less than sober Hunter S. Thompson.
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