The Swinging Bunt Art Slideshow

The LowPress is proud to make the Swinging Bunt Art Slideshow available for public viewing. With generous donations from mysterious street artist Wiffsky, we have been able to waive the $25 fee originally charged to see such works of fine art. It is suggested that you enjoy with headphones and with the show on a 4 sec autoplay. Of course, you can always take your time and zoom in on the fine art.

Swinging Bunt Book Release Party


Are you still impervious to the bus fumes?
Yeah, I’m still impervious to the bus fumes. And you know, I’ve never been incarcerated. I’m about as lily-white and clean as anyone, which shows the hypocrisy of everything. I was so far ahead of my time. They’ll have to say that about me eventually. If they had elected me president back in 1988 when I ran, we never would have had the Twin Tower bombings. We never would have had any of these problems we have now.

After the recent government shutdown and the idiotic bickering our lawmakers are engaging in, what would Bill Lee’s message to Capitol Hill be?
I would suspend the Senate and Congress and until we have a referendum on one person, one vote and get rid of this gerrymandering. We have to suspend the laws that were passed by the Supreme Court that allow corporations to say they are people. Corporations are not people. And they’re not going to be able to pump money into elections like that. When you do that, then we’re going to have a representative government.

Did you smoke weed on days that you pitched, and did it help your performance on the mound?
You know, I did perform with it. I had good games. I had bad games. I never used it as a crutch. It never enhanced, you know? I would say it’s not something kids should do before a ball game. In fact, I don’t think you should use it before you’re 21 years of age.

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Wifftober VII Poster Pays Tribute to Wifftober I

Seven long and tumultuous years ago, the greatest game in all of wiffle was founded upon the fields of Bristol and Lincoln. Playing in Wifftober has become the ultimate privilege to be bestowed upon a wiffler. This year the LowPress celebrates the seventh anniversary with a poster paying tribute to the original game.

Have Glove Will Travel

The greatest voicemail of all time - Manny's dreads will lead to everyone doing drugs

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Photos of Old Baseballs

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Jose Canseco, the 47 yr old designated hitter for the Worcester Tornadoes, gets tossed

1939 World Series in Color

The Babe Teaches the Finer Points