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Soul Wiffle Month

The LowPress would like to remind you that July is SOUL Wiffle month. You are encouraged to celebrate the backyard roots of our beloved sport by "wiffling where you find yourself." This mantra is especially important during the extended allstar break when a wiffler may be tempted to let the edge off their world class plastic skills.

Since launching the "Wiffle Where You Find Yourself" campaign at last season's Wiffle Scramble, we have received many questions concerning appropriate times to wiffle. We hope the below guide will be of aid in your decision process.

I am at the dentist, about to go under to have my massive overbite fixed, should I wiffle?
No, this would be a poor choice as your motor skills will be dulled.Read more

Wiffdependence 2014

The Art of Pitching

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Ciudad Trujillo – The best baseball team you’ve never heard of.

The winter leagues were a place where players were not known for the color of their skin or where they were from. For decades, Negro League players and their brothers from Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela were all equal – playing along side such greats as Roberto Clemente for Santurce in Puerto Rico.

There was one team however that had unparalleled star power.

In 1937, the Ciudad de Trujillo squad was one of the best in baseball history. Negro League greats Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson and Cool Papa Bell joined forces with Cuban greats Silvio Garcia and manager Lazaro Salazar to form and unbelievable roster.

Los Dragones called Trujillo, Dominican Republic home.Read more

How 19 Giant Earthmovers Carved Dodger Stadium Out of a Mountain

They literally moved mountains to create Dodger Stadium. Between 1959 and 1962, an army of construction workers shifted eight-million cubic yards of earth and rock in the hills above downtown Los Angeles, refashioning the rugged terrain once known as the Stone Quarry Hills into a modern baseball palace.Read more

Striking Photos of Early 20th-Century Baseball Players in Motion

William M. Vander Weyde, a photographer working in New York, made these images of baseball players mid-swing, -run, -hit, or -throw in 1904.
The George Eastman House, which holds many of Vander Weyde’s negatives, has posted a selection of his images on Flickr. “His photographs are strong and exciting and show a rejection of traditional ideas of composition, content, and style,” the curator writes.

Full Article at Slate

The Origin of Batting Average

Bases on balls were still uncommon events, having been introduced for the 1864 season, and no one thought of them as batters’ achievements, nor would they for decades to come. So the need for an on base average was not evident. Chadwick had already posited a primitive version of the slugging percentage, with total bases divided by number of games; change the denominator from games to at bats and you have today’s slugging percentage—which, incidentally, was not accepted by the National League as an official statistic until 1923 and the American until 1946. Chadwick’s “total bases average” represented the game’s first attempt at a weighted average—a huge conceptual leap forward from, first, counting, and next, averaging.Read more

Saving Tiger Stadium

“I refer to those weeds as redwoods,” Derry told me in March. “I rented a brush hog for 10 weeks in a row — that’s how long it took to knock them down, in 90-degree heat. We brought a baseball field back from the dead. The first year was the most difficult. Not only was it physically difficult, it was mentally exhausting, being under the constant threat of arrest.”Read more

Spring Training Commences at the Friendly Confines