The Season 8 Video Recap

The LowPress, in collusion with El Cloud Productions, is proud to release the first LowBall video in two seasons. The Season 8 recap takes the viewer on a journey of wiffle magic unlike any video since the last video. A local man on the street was quoted as saying, "so you guys don't even run the bases?" Countless other reviews have been just as vibrant and positive. El Cloud scoured the recesses of the internet to find the perfect musical complement to this visual smorgasbord. Having come up empty, they settled on a rare Russian polka metal cover of the pop hit "Wake Me Up" by Russkaja. We suggest that you watch the video while chopping onions, that way if you tear up uncontrollably in the middle sappy section, you can blame it on the onions. The LowPress is always thinking of its readership first.