How 19 Giant Earthmovers Carved Dodger Stadium Out of a Mountain

They literally moved mountains to create Dodger Stadium. Between 1959 and 1962, an army of construction workers shifted eight-million cubic yards of earth and rock in the hills above downtown Los Angeles, refashioning the rugged terrain once known as the Stone Quarry Hills into a modern baseball palace.

Controversy surrounds the stadium's origins. First, a never-realized public housing project erased an entire Mexican American community from Chavez Ravine. Later, the city of Los Angeles enticed Walter O'Malley's Dodgers to the site with what council member Ed Roybal called a "sweetheart deal." But once ground was broken on September—a project overseen by O'Malley and architect Emil Praeger and executed by Alhambra-based Vinnell Constructors—was a relatively straightforward project of muscle and machinery.

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