GapBridge Review

Head Groundsman: 
Tremendous Thompson
Construction History: 

What endears GapBridge to fans is its ability to remain virtually unchanged since the early days of LowBall. The strike zone was replaced shortly after El Guapo unleashed his legendary Belushi tirade upon it. In season IV, perhaps, a corner of the rightfield fence was reclaimed from fair territory to give the Commissioner a space away from the commoners to take note of his league. This is aptly known as "Commissioner's Corner". During the opening day of season IV, The Commish added a new throw-out zone called "The Thing". It is no longer used. There is continuous construction on the mound and batter's box and it is expected that this will continue forever.

GapBridge Review
Pitcher's Mound: 
Field Rating: 
+1 Batter
Rating Explanation: 

GapBridge is a deceptive field. At first glance most would assume it to be a pitcher's park. The pitch slopes up from the batter to the centerfield. However, it drops off from the batter going to leftfield. For this reason, balls that would not make it out at other parks manage to drift out at Gap. The batter never has to deal with adverse lighting, while the pitcher will often have an odd combination of shadows and sun during afternoon games.

The Batter's View: 
GapBridge Review
The Pitcher's View: 
GapBridge Review

GapBridge is the granddaddy of all LowBall parks. A field so drenched in history and ritual that playing upon its hallowed grounds has been equated to a religious experience. The field itself it tucked into the side of a gorgeous Vermont hillside, sited far from the bustle of the Lincoln metropolis. Upon crossing the small bridge that separates the "Gap" from civilization, the wiffler is transported into an alternate reality in which worries evaporate. The beauty of GapBridge is its unchanging atmosphere, unencumbered any pomp, the field is raw and soulful in a way others struggle to match. The players and fans alike are treated to the only dugouts with actual benches in LowBall. The GapBridge fence is the shortest in height of any fence in the league, beckoning the crafty outfielder to rob a poor batter of their hopes and dreams. Both sides of this coin have been played, Lonichiro (the future hall of fame defenseman) dove over the fence keeping one foot inbounds to slay a homer from Chin Music while West Coast managed to botch a fairly routine catch and knock the ball over for a homerun.

GapBridge Review
Notable Games: 

Oddly enough, there are few games at GapBridge that stand out above the rest. Perhaps it is a testament to its enduring soul of the field that all games at the Gap are special. It has been a part of 4 out of 5 Wifftobers, sharing the honor with the much underrated HST. GapBridge is also the traditional home of the opening game of the season. One game does stand-out to this lowly writer. It was the first and only successful Belgian Wiffle to date, played during season I. Historians of wiffle contend that two great LowBall names originated during this battle. First, J-Mac's comment led to Dan Guy being known as "The Plastic Surgeon". Second the game, like Wiffmorial 2012, ended in a tie, leading the Commish to wave his hands and state, "classic". The entire league is built around this single moment.