The Friendly Confines Review

Head Groundsman: 
El Guapo
Construction History: 

Following a positive settlement in the ruminant dispute of 2009, the owners sought to create the ultimate slightly sloping sheep/turkey pasture wiffle venue. The leftfield wall was added during season IV. Season VI brought the addition of the flagpole, scoreboard, and most notably the living legend, "sort-of" retired, jersey of Dan "The Plastic Surgeon" Guy.

The Friendly Confines Review
92' 10"
71' 3"
Pitcher's Mound: 
41' 2"
Angle of Play: 
64.5 deg
Field Kite Image: 
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Playable Area - kite calculation: 
3,573 sq ft
Field Rating: 
+2 Batter
Rating Explanation: 

No field offers a greater advantage to the batter than The Friendly Confines. The fences to the left and right are the shortest in the league. The grass is traditionally cut a bit longer which slows the ball rolling to fielders, allowing more "swinging" bunts than any other park. The throw-out zone is the narrowest of any in the league, allowing the batter to outrun the ground-out throw. In addition, the pitcher faces into a setting sun and must throw off a mound that has been notably difficult.

The Batter's View: 
The Friendly Confines Review
The Pitcher's View: 
The Friendly Confines Review

The Friendly Confines is the Colosseum of LowBall, a tight, indention upon the Lincoln landscape that provides the wiffler with the finest in wiffling facilities. It is also the field with the most turbulent history in the league. Starting with a ruminant labor dispute, the field has been removed from active rotation a few times. Yet every time, the field comes back greener and fence morphs into more of a wall. It is said that El Guapo's ashes were scattered about the mound he so loved to bobble about on. While this theory is certainly in question, especially given the fact that El Guapo is playing this season, it is not disputed that the semi retired jersey of living legend Dan The Plastic Surgeon Guy keeps watch from the centerfield wall.

The field's most prominent feature is the expansive leftfield wall, spanning nearly 3/4 of the fence with a height of 7-ish feet. This wall was featured on the cover of both the Season V and Season VI calendars. The pitcher throws from the only true mound in LowBall. Previous to this season, either side of the mound was reinforced with timbers. These have been removed much to the delight of the pitching community. The pitcher faces a gorgeous wooden backstop with a recessed throw-out zone. As the Confines is often host to extremely long games, the owners have built in an innovative "situation" marking system to aid the slightly dazed and confused. The Confines is also the only venue in LowBall to host night games, playing home to the player favorite Wiffsolstice marathon every year.

The Friendly Confines Review
Notable Games: 

Wiffle lovers the world over flock to the Friendly Confines, not simply for the majestic experience, but to gawk at the history of LowBall on display in the Hall of Fame barn. Besides holding the physical artifacts of plastic perfection, The Confines has proudly played host to some of the most epic games in the history of LowBall.

The Summer Classic rests among the greatest spectacles of LowBall extreme ridiculousness. Played during the first season, fans have rarely witnessed such elevated entertainment since. Not only was it one heck of a game, it also raised a pony load of cheese for the local pre school.

Season V's Wiffsolstice will always be remembered as one of the great finger nail biting slogs of wiffle. It was a grind of a match that many say brought the Ox back to prominence as a pitcher. The air was wet and cold, the hot dogs greasy and hot, and the play was as exception as any core fan could ever hope to see.