Burnham Field Review

Head Groundsman: 
The Ox
Construction History: 

The gates of Burnham officially opened on June 7, 2009 with the Lagers winning 7-4. The backstop was added the following year.

Burnham Field Review
Pitcher's Mound: 
Angle of Play: 
58 deg
Field Kite Image: 
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Playable Area - kite calculation: 
3,176 sq ft
Field Rating: 
+2 Pitcher
Rating Explanation: 

Burnham Field is rated a pitcher's park. It has some of the deepest and highest fences in the league. The batter often has to fight a stiff breeze coming across the meadow from the south. The pitcher throws from a flat mound to the oldest strike zone in the league. Due to the orientation of the field and the timing of the games at Burnham, the pitcher hardly ever deals with visibility issues from shadows or sun.

The Batter's View: 
Burnham Field Review
The Pitcher's View: 
Burnham Field Review

Burnham Field lies nestled into a quiet corner of farmland in the majestic Champlain Valley. The newest park in LowBall, owner The Ox utilized the latest techniques to develop a venue as appealing to the fans as it is enjoyable for the players. The pitch is by far the flattest in the league sprawling out from home to the southeast into a long meadow. The outfield fence is a traditional consistent radius set at about 7 feet off the ground. Behind home, a beautiful permanent backstop rises covered in hops. This backstop has been featured in some of the most famous LowBall calendar photos.

Burnham Field Review
Notable Games: 

Some of the most famous games in LowBall history have played out across Burnham's green wonderland. Most notable was the "lightning" game during which a collection of knuckleheads continued to play through a significant thunderstorm. That is until a strike of lightning hit the field crippling some of the players.

Quite possibly the most important game in LowBall history was played at Burnham to close season IV. With the league in turmoil and rumors flying that its demise may be imminent, a collection of diehard players converged at Burnham. The game would go down as one of the best Wifftobers ever played, the latest ever at Oct. 30th and the only Wifftober to be played on a single field. Some state that this game saved LowBall.