HST Field Review

Head Groundsman: 
Black Cloud
Construction History: 

Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Greens (HST) opened its gates on Sept. 16, 2007 with 7 foot high mesh fences and a tarp based backstop. Around the end of Season I, the slate pitching rubber was installed. In season III the Lil' Clubowski was partially upgraded. Construction was stalled due to the recession. In 2010, the famous home plate was installed by a really big crane. Despite not hosting a game in Season VII, HST introduced the revolutionary folding chair stride zone. In Season VIII, HST once again changed the game by introducing the bar backstop.

HST Field Review
Pitcher's Mound: 
Angle of Play: 
76 deg
Field Kite Image: 
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Playable Area - kite calculation: 
3,762 sq ft
Field Rating: 
+1 Pitcher
Rating Explanation: 

HST is a tough rating. Its deep, high fences contain many would be homeruns and the short grass prevents many swinging bunts. It also has one of the flatter pitching mounds that has been a favorite of some of the greats such Black Cloud and Ox. It is pretty seldom that a team puts double digits on the board at HST. That said, it also has the most playable area of any field providing the batter with plenty of space to spray the field.

The Batter's View: 
HST Field Review
The Pitcher's View: 
HST Field Review

HST is the odd field of the LowBall league. While most fields seclude themselves from the plebes, HST is built directly in downtown Bristol. Much like the days of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the wifflers of HST live among the fans, creating a real family atmosphere. The field was designed with the aesthetics of the late Hunter S. Thompson in mind. The leftfield wall juts around the ruins of a building that may have been a barn. The partially renovated Lil' Clubowski sits in dead center and makes it virtually impossible to go straight away yard. The field slopes up from center to right.

HST Field Review
Notable Games: 

Easily the biggest game in HST's history is the first Wifftober. It is a little known fact that the original Wifftober was supposed to be 27 innings over two weekends and included the Friendly Confines. So there, you didn't know that did you. As we all know, the game would only be 18 innings and played at GapBridge and HST. This game cemented the league and propelled into the now famous mediocre rise in fame.

HST has also been the traditional host of the Wiffdepence games and some of those didn't suck.