2015 LowCards Released

The LowPress is very excited to welcome this year's set of LowCards. As always, cards are only released for players committed to Wifftober. As the Supreme One is still sequestered in his mountain bunker, sipping Green Tea and chanting wiffle over and over again, wifflers are shown with last Wifftober's team.

The Hunt for Wifftober IX

Feel the Slurge

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The 2015 Mighty Wiffle Scramble set for August 8th

For the 3rd time in as many years, the world's first wiffle scramble will be played at the Vermont Music Fest. The LowPress received an advance copy of this year's poster with explicit instructions to not published. So, of course, here it is. Nobody tells the LowPress what to print, literally.

Wiffdependence 2015

Wiffmorial 2015

The Greatest Known Wiffle Bat Collection, in Bristol

Black Cloud's collection from left to right - Wooden Wiffle King, Wooden Wiffle Bat (with trademark), Wooden Yugoslavian Wiffle Bat, Original Yellow Plastic (no grip, no Made in the USA), Black Plastic Bat (with grip, no Made in the USA), Yellow Plastic Bat (with grip, no Made in the USA), Yellow Plastic Bat (with grip and Made in the USA), Paddy Wacker Cricket bat.

Only two significant bats are missing from the collection - the black plastic with a smooth grip and the wooden wiffle bat with no trademark.

Ebbets Field Flannels

They have been called the LowBall of apparel, by me, just now.

Reds Manager Does His Best Tremendous Impression

Reds manager Bryan Price drops 77 F-Bombs in one media session.

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