A Walk Off Walk - The 7/22/07 Game

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July 22, 2007
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I woke up on Sunday morning, not hungover, looked out the window and thought to myself, "the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, play ball." The game started promptly an hour late. The tone was set immediately as Dan Guy robbed Jon Howell of a lead off single with a sensational diving catch. Jon got roughed up a bit in the first, including a population control line drive off the bat of Ox. He came back in the second and shut'em, shut'em down. The Commissioner pitched a two inning shut-out and gave up just three hits earning him the win. Newcomer Dominic "Claudio" Frank had a bit of trouble finding his mark but rebounded to put the iron clamp on in his second inning pitched.

The Plastic Surgeon was apparently performing nerve ending procedures whilst waltzing around in his biker shorts. He managed to get Howell for a ducking strike-out, now recorded as a legs down K. Guy was helped by a miraculous juggling catch by Ox on a well hit ball from Beck. Hot Rod appeared to be sober but continued to have difficulties hitting his mark. Ox nearly took a piece of his ear off on a liner up the middle.

The away side rallied from behind in the 7th to make it a game behind the hot bat of Skim and Claudio. Lonnie Ichiro cruised in late in the game but went to work on the hill recording the game's only one and done. Unfortunately the away side added another 4 runs in the 8th. Skim was providing a Sunday morning info-mercial on pitching, dropping a whopping 7 K's in three innings of action. Alas the 9th inning arrived with the teams tied at 13.

Ichiro blew threw the order with 2 big Ks and it was on the home team to produce a win. There was much discussion on who would throw the final inning for the away side and finally it was decided that Skim would take it home. Well, the proof is the stats, a walk-off walk to end the game.

Your players of the game - Ox with an impressive 6 ribbies to go with 9 for 16 from the plate. He was a homer from the cycle and managed to nut one pitcher and nearly take the head off another. Skim got the honor for the losing team as he threw a one hitter and went an amazing 8 for 12.

Great game everyone, the stats summary is shown below and the full scorecard is attached. I will be updating the season stats tonight or tomorrow. Cheers, we'll see you all next Sunday.

Player of the Game
Astroglide Smooth Defense
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