Transcending the Norm - Wiffsols12

The Lagers continue to roll in a high scoring, high flying grinder
Regular Season - Marquee
Game Date: 
June 22, 2012
Epicocity of Game: 

The air was thick with smoke, illuminated by the lights of the Friendly Confines, El Guapo paced behind the mound as the Black Cloud paraded through his pre batting ritual. The count was full, the bases loaded, and Guapo was one out away from capping a scoreless three innings of work, his finest pitching in recent memory. It does not get much more LowBall, the Season I player of the year staring down the reigning LowBaller of the Year. The anxious home crowd held their collective breath as Guapo hurled a near perfect rising curve. Somehow the Clouded One managed to get a touch of plastic on the pitch sending what seemed like the thousandth foul into the tall grass. The battle would finally end in a walk and the only run scored on El Guapo on the evening. An epic battle with a seemingly insignificant outcome.

Guap and Cloud have quietly established one of the most intriguing rivalries in LowBall. It is appropriate as the league's success tends to track closely with the two veterans' activity. We are seeing two wifflers 6 years into their careers reinventing themselves, Guap has become a high speed technician on the mound while Cloud has been doing his damage with the bat and loud diving defense. The resurrection of two future hall of famers certainly is contributing to great season, but it is far from the only factor.

Coming off the single run in the top of the 13th, the Lagers were holding a 20-15 lead. They had expended their two aces, Black Cloud (questionable as an ace at this point) and the Legendary Plastic Surgeon. Sitting in the bullpen were three plastic hurlers, the wiley veteran Tremendous Thompson and two rookies, The Show and Bad Science (Note: rookie status can carry through multiple seasons, there really is no rhyme nor reason to it).

The Show took the mound to start, fresh off a call to the home office stating, "its midnight and we are still playing wiffle." The defensive phenom Bento Box sauntered up to the plate, throwing the bat on his left shoulder, staring down The Show. Some words were exchanged, muffled by the dull hum of the Friendly Confines power plant. The Box of Bang muscled his signature swing, knocking plastic on plasic and sent the little white one careening through the trees over the right field fence, a very rare four bagger under the lights.

It appeared as if the comeback was on, but the Show collected himself quickly rang up two outs before vacating the mound for fellow rookie Bad Science. The lanky academic would avenge his earlier difficulties from the rubber, locking down the final out of the inning. Encapsulated in an otherwise average inning was the true strength of Season VI, the emergence of fresh wifflers, all LowBallers through and through.

The Lagers mounted a solid rally in the bottom of the 14th and had the bases clogged with two away. The veteran's veteran Tremendous had the closing responsibility, when in stepped the infamous Connecticut Kong. A man of such lore in LowBall that children on the streets of Lincoln speak in hushed voices about Kong's bases clearing conclusion to the Summer Classic. As the pitches flew in from Tremendous, Kong hacked away with mighty authority, yet the ball only caromed off into the tall grass. Drawing on years of wiffling experience, the self professed Wizard of Wiffle finally emerged with the out, the save, and the win. A fitting end to a monumental wiffle game.
At 1:30 am on Saturday morning, I, famed wiffle journalist Hugh Wifflerton, left the Friendly Confines in a state of awe. The feeling was reminiscent of rolling away from the Wiffsolstice Epic Grind. Yet, in contrast to the legendary back and forth of last season, there was something more to this year's. You couldn't call a game that was separated by 4 or more runs for the last 5 innings a classic, let alone an epic, but it was transcendent.

One small game for wiffle, one giant game for LowBall.

Player of the Game
2 HRs, 7 K's, and one laid out grab in the tall grass followed by a rib cracking thud
Astroglide Smooth Defense
Defensive Highlights: 
A sliding grounder grab and throw home whilst slidding along, could easily have been player of the game with his 2 HRs and 1 should have been a HR double
Quote of the Game
It's midnight and we are still playing wiffle
Player quoted: 
making the call home