Rising Wood Too Much For Fell-O-Bunchers

Game Date: 
July 24, 2010
Epicocity of Game: 

Once again, the world of Lowball has been rocked by new blood. Rising Wood, a ragtag trio of Connecticutians (aka the Moriarty triplets), took on the cagey veterans J-Mac, the Ox, and the reigning ROY Lucky Charms, collectively known as the Fell-O-Bunchers, in the first round of the MSC.

The game was an impressive display of power as the young Waste Haveners brought their laser show to the Friendly Confines. The FOB's found no answer on the mound; the ball couldn't near the zone without finding its way across the avenue previously known as Hugo Chavez Way.

The aging Lowballers and their small ball technique were productive yet inadequate. Moose Mossage of the Wood battled his way through 5 innings, giving up 12 runs, 1 mercy, and 43 hit batsmen. At the end of 5, the score stood at 25-12 in favor of the Wood.

At the onset of the 6th, however, it became evident that the Flat Lander Association of Wiffle (FLAW) condones the use of pitching machines, hence the overwhelming power at the plate of the young Wood, but unable to perform on the mound. The patience of the FOB's paid off, racking up two consecutive mercy innings. Halfway through 8, the FOB's held the lead 27-25.

J-Mac took the mound in the bottom half of the eighth, hoping beyond hope to hold the juggernaut of the Rising Wood at bay. He proved unsuccessful, and suffered an 8 run mercy. Mort Moriarty found his groove on the mound and shut down the FOB's in the top half of 9 to put an end to the scoring extravaganza and the Rising Wood sent the Fell-O-Bunchers packing by a score of 33-27.

And as the players shook hands after play, the fake mustache fell off of Moose Mossage. Suprisingly, he is the doppelganger of a recently deceased Venezualan friend of mine.

Player of the Game
Laser show
Astroglide Smooth Defense
Defensive Highlights: 
Diving catch on the right foul line, while playing left-center
Quote of the Game
See Jon that's your problem
Other person quoted: 
in response to Jon saying something like "I am not sure what is going on"