The Overly Massive Summer Classic Photo Post

Regular Season - Marquee
Game Date: 
August 20, 2007
Epicocity of Game: 

The winning leap in the sack race

Structural engineers have reviewed this for safety and approved based upon no movement by the children
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The controversial banner call, note Shoeless protesting with child in one hand and PBR in the other.

The final inning. Fans hang on the edge of their seats...or fence, awaiting the thrilling outcome.
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King Kong mobbed by teammates midway through an heroic trot following a walk-off grandie in the bottom of the 9th.
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This explosion of announcing brought to you by King Kong and Bristol Beverage, official supplier of LowBall Wiffle.
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Brutal sun for the pitcher and fielders, good for the camera geek.

Wingman cometh

The Unit, without the aid of my breakdown, protests the wingman call, apparently attempting to throw the ump out of the game. Unprecedented in LowBall lore.

Some days are better than others. I got roughed up in the first but still had the meanest Rod Beck mustache of the day. My head is held high.
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Chin Music with a solid afternoon on the hill to go with 4 doubles and a grand slam from the plate.
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Tommie "The Commissioner" "Trot" Thompson with what may well be the best follow through in LowBall.
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First Pitch.

The Surgeon Sewing It Up. Speaking of sewing be sure to check out Sew Vermont, official sewing type company of LowBall.

A similar play to above would become the root on controversy.

Lonichiro, a four headed monster - pitching, hitting, fielding, and singing.
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Kong prepping for the devastation to come.
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Special K working it on the mound in only his second appearance in LowBall
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Middlebury Mountaineer, proud sponsor of LowBall. Unfortunately Steve "Scooter" Atocha was not in attendance. The Builders certainly missed his bat, as he went 5 for 9 on Friday with 3 triples, 1 double, and 7 RBIs.
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The School Bus on the mound. I contend he looks a whole lot like Tom Hanks best friend in Big...damn dated.

The Best Dressed Team.
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Bubba at the bat with gigantic batting helmet and the bullpen K car in the distance.