The Near Classic

Lagers put the pitching clamps on late to pull out another victory
Regular Season - Marquee
Game Date: 
July 3, 2010
Epicocity of Game: 

With a week of build-up to the annual Wiffdependence game, the LowBall nation was out in force to see if the battle would live up to the hype. They were greeted by a freshly renovated Hunter S. Thompson field sporting the only beacher seating in LowBall. Once the cavalry had shepherded the masses to their seats, the action began.

Things were knotted at nil a piece after one with J-Mac and the Ox taking care of business. It would be the Loggers to put chalk on the board first, sending 2 across the monumental wooden home of HST in the second.
Rookie sensation Hideki O'Leary continued to dominate from the mound holding the Lagers steady at the goose egg at the end of two. The Lagers would finally get on the board in the 3rd despite a solid sophomore pitching performance from Jimmy the wiffle geek.
It was the 4th that would be the deciding inning in the game. With bases loaded, Claudio strolled up to face The Commish. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the announcer sounded, "this could be the pivotal moment in this game." A series of errors had led to the bases being juiced and you could see the tension on the fielders playing in left. With a clinical LowBaller of the Year swing, Claudio sent a drive down the line just beyond the reach of hot boxer J-Mac. The ball sailed safely into the land of three bases and the balance of power in the game permanently shifted. Lagers 4 Loggers 2 after 4. It could have been worse for the Commish as The Unit, fresh off a year's absence, sent a towering shot into the rightfield tree. The ball was easily gone but was rejected by the tree into foul territory. The Commish could no doubt see the karmic overtones as he was on the ugly side of such a play a week earlier at the Friendly Confines.

The Loggers clawed their way back getting a run in the 5th but nearly blew the game open. Lucky Charms was on the mound facing off against the Commish with two bases occupied. The second year pitcher was looking much improved but would he have enough to take down the steady power of the wily veteran? Charms reared back and threw a pitch high and slightly outside. The Commish took a healthy cut and sent the plastic spiraling high and deep. It looked like it was going orbital. The Unit turned to make a play and stumbled into the fence, pushing it down and back significantly. The ball had lost its momentum dramatically and ended up crashing into the net on the fair side. It looked sketchy at best. Had the Unit intentionally moved the fence? An argument flared up with the lead at stake. In the end, it was decided that the ball was most likely not going out regardless of the questionable fence manipulation. 4-3 Lagers after five.
two prong
The Loggers continued their ascent in the 6th getting a run off of Two Prong Atocha. However the compact batsman would recover his lost run in the bottom half of action. Two Prong stepped into the box and looked out to find the most intense motionless staredown that LowBall has seen in recent times. Matt now nicknamed "The Staredown" reared back and hurled a pitch towards his brother-in-law. Two Prong angrily swatted the pitch away for a solid double, stomping out towards the mound shouting, "That's called doing work, son." These rookies have certainly captured the spirit of LowBall competition.

The Loggers were greeted by The Black Cloud in the 6th, playing in his 3rd game since changing his name. In short, it was the single most dominant inning of pitching LowBall has witnessed in this young season. Eight pitches, no balls, one foul, one 1 and done, 3 strike-outs. The scouts in the crowd quickly scribbled notes as rumors swirled that the Black Cloud was mounting a non-LowBall entry for the Summer Classic. Surprisingly, the Lagers continue to keep his pitch count down despite this known defection.

The Unit closed the game out with 2 innings of knock-out pitching, recording 6 straight outs.
While they can't all be classics, they certainly all have epic moments. In the aftermath of the game, fans could be heard saying, "this is how the 4th should be." True story.

Player of the Game
The most controversial POTG to date, he pitched 3 knock-out innings, hit a would be homer that was denied by the rightfield tree and was involved in the game changing play on The Commish's near homerun
Quote of the Game
That's called doing work, son
Player quoted: 
after a solid hit off of his brother-in-law Matt "The Staredown"


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