MSC Gap Game | More than just a score

Team Black Cloud beats up on an injured Loggers team 17-1
Regular Season - Marquee
Game Date: 
July 24, 2010
Epicocity of Game: 

"It's not the destination, but the journey that counts"

Often in wiffle the story is not told by a final tally of runs but instead by what happens on the field. You could easily look at the score of this one and overlook the significance of the details.
After a week of drama, everyone was ready to play some plastic. The teams arrived at GapBridge to face off for the opportunity to play in the final game. The visiting Team Black Cloud was headed up by only two players, Black Cloud and Lonichiro. They were facing off against the home field Loggers featuring Tremendous Thompson, Chin Music, and West Coast.
As expected with any game involving West Coast, the start time was delayed and in fact started without Tremendous Thompson in the field. The Black Clouds were up by one when the bottom half of the inning started. Tremendous emerged from the clubhouse and stepped into the box having not thrown a wiffle ball or swung a bat. Things were not per the exacting specs of GapBridge and Tremendous called time to adjust the strike zone.

For years WAMS (WoWs Against Metal Stakes) had protested against the use of the long metal stake for holding strike zones. However, the cries had died down as time passed from the horrific strike zone accident that earned Chin Music his name.
Tremendous moved the strike zone that was attached to the offending metal and started to slam it into the ground. Suddenly he hopped off in obvious pain, apologizing to the crowd while examining his wiffle boots. What first appeared to be a sad rip of his Copa Mundials, soon showed itself to be a large severing of the Tremendous One's right foot. The ambulance rushed Tremendous off to the medical center. It should be noted that the driver looked a whole lot like Chin Music. Fitting.

News reached the game being played at the Friendly Confines and all players paid tribute to their fallen comrade by taking a knee at the pitcher's mound. No one expected the game at GapBridge to continue.
Against all odds, Tremendous Thompson rolled out of operating room and right on to the field. The players, from both teams, greeted him with cheers. He was handed a beer that West Coast had brought and he exclaimed that all should play some wiffle.
The rest of the game was really insignificant in comparison to Tremendous' overcoming of both mental and physical ailments to truly enjoy a day of wiffling.

In the end the Black Cloud tandem proved too much for the injury riddled Loggers. Lonichiro threw the second longest game by a single pitcher, a 1 run seven innings complete performance. He added a homerun to his day to take home the player of the game. He received ample support from his teammate as the Black Cloud boosted two ding dongs, continuing a scorching offensive assault on the league.
tre mend ous

Player of the Game
Pitched a complete 7 innings and only allowed 1 run
Astroglide Smooth Defense
Defensive Highlights: 
robbed West Coast of a foul ball with a full laid out dive