MSC Finals | Black Clouds Rain

Team Black Cloud handcuffs the offensive juggernaut of the Lagers to win the MSC 9-2
Regular Season - Marquee
Game Date: 
July 24, 2010
Epicocity of Game: 

The Mid-Summer Classic happened. That much can be said with confidence. Whether it happened in style, or is likely ever to happen again is debatable. The "drama" surrounding this event was largely manufactured by a small contingent of wifflers who see the value in the ridiculousness of creating drama around a child's game being played by grown men. When the pretend drama becomes real drama it becomes, well... ridiculous.

The pretend drama was intended to hype the game, get people excited, provide a narrative around which "controversy" could "swirl." The real drama, hurt feelings, cuts that need stitches, and people getting too pissed off to play sucked the fun out of it for everyone. The black clouds descended on LowBall this weekend and rained on a game that was supposed to be a "Classic".

As for the games themselves, they were a rousing round of wiffle. The brothers from Bashville, the Moriarty boys, came up from Connecticut and put the hurt on the Lagers team consisting of J-Mac, Ox and Lucky Charms. School bus Moriarty was the player of the game with a stunning five home runs in the nine inning affair. Honorable mention belongs to a formidable Lucky Charms who showed some power from the plate with three long balls leaving the yard. Some will grumble that the fences of the Friendly Confines are just a bit too friendly to some, and should be moved back to be more realistic. The Lagers put up a fight coming back from a 25-12 deficit to go ahead 27-25 in the late going, only to be bested by Rising Wood, rising up in the ninth inning to deny them their comeback. The final ended up at 29-27 in a see-saw battle of the bats. What can one deduce from this score? The obvious conclusion is that the game was not a pitchers duel. Were it not for the multiple mercy innings handed in by pitchers from both teams this match might have garnered the title of "classic" but from all accounts, it was a rather sloppy affair.

The other first round game featured an entirely new stat category: The longest at bat in Lowball history. Tremendous Thompson turned in a nearly two hour at bat when he interrupted the game mid-inning to "fix" the strike zone. The strike zone promptly assaulted him and sent him down to Bristol for six stitches to repair the gash in his foot. To his credit, and everyone's relief, the Tremendous one came back, attitude adjusted, and completed the game. (Don't tell his wife.) The game took place at the hallowed Gap Bridge field,and the Black Clouds' Lonichiro, and Black Cloud proved too strong for the Loggers' Claudio, Wingman and a newly stitched Thompson. Lonichiro turned in a complete game pitching performance(7 innings) giving up only one run, while the Clouds rained in 17 runs including two dingers from BC and a long ball from Lonichiro.

The Final game of the Classic started appropriately late, and had the teams made up of the players from the game at the Confines dueling the gents from the Gap. This game was all about pitching. The mighty brothers from Bashville were almost handed a goose egg by the pitching prowess of Black Cloud, Claudio and Lonichiro. With the exception of a rope shot by King Kong, midway up the Vermonster out in left that drove in two runs, the Rising Wood remained flaccid. Oxley got mercied in the first inning for seven runs and the Black Clouds never looked back.

Final Score 9-2.

Fittingly, the last inning was finished in a driving summer rain, as the black clouds rolled in to rain while the Black Clouds Reigned.

Player of the Game
Pitching, pitching, pitching