Mid-Summer Romp - Not Exactly a Classic

Loggers Run Away With One
Regular Season
Game Date: 
June 24, 2010
Epicocity of Game: 

The rain abated just before the 6 PM hard start called for by the Commish at The Friendly Confines. Hard start has become somewhat of a joke amongst Lowballers who are notoriously bad at telling time. The game got rolling some where around the 7 o'clock hour, and were it not the longest day of the year, would not have lasted the seven or so innings it did. By the time the sun nestled into the bosom of the Adirondaks, the Loggers wouldn't need more than seven to get the job done.

The game hardly deserves mentioning except for a few important highlights. The Commish unleashed a devastating show of wiffsmanship in his multiple extra base hits and multiple RBI game, and throwing for two innings with only one run crossing the plate.

El Guapo deserves an honorable mention for playing through a severe homefield disadvantage, having most of his family visiting.

Black Cloud deserves honorable mention for driving up all the way from Boston, and for ripping an opposite field dinger for which he got no high-fives, knuckles or even notice from his team mates.

Two prong deserves honorable mention for showing up to the second official game of the season. If he keeps this up he may get a card and lose his perennial-rookie status.

Lonichiro deserves honorable mention for actually throwing a couple of runners out at the plate

West coast deserves honorable mention for his outstanding catch and for bringing a salad.

Lucky Charms, Two Prong's Bro-in-Law, and a late arriving J-mac all deserve to be mentioned for being honorable.

Alas, the game itself, while still the most fun you can have for under five bucks, is not going to last in the memories or the record books as anymore than a really good time.

Player of the Game
Grand Slam carried out on a silver platter by the Ox. Would be homer swatted down by the hickory in right center
Astroglide Smooth Defense
Defensive Highlights: 
Looking asleep at the wheel West Coast makes an amazing last minute grab in front of the Sip-n-Suds sign
Quote of the Game
He's a good boy.
Other person quoted: 
Scott Moriarty - Mike's Dad


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The Black Shadow seems to allude acknowledgement from his team and the press. When questioned at the HST training facility Black Cloud gruffly replied, "I will always be an outsider in this league, I care not about recognition, I only care about drinking from the trophy."

To clarify, Black Cloud's opposite field homer was adequately congratulated, as was the 2 run double. It was the grand slam into the road that received no acknowledgement. As the Commish pointed out, most of the players were too busy feeling bad for West Coast who landed in the books with 2 slams given up in one inning.

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