LOGGERS SHOCK AND AWE lAGERS FOR WIFFTOBER CHAMPIONSHIP, 47-17. Some call for commissioner's resignation.

Post Season
Game Date: 
October 26, 2008
Epicocity of Game: 

The underdog Loggers embarrassed the favored Lagers in the most lopsided Wifftober Championship game in LowBall history. The Logger's El Guapo, Lonichiro, Dr. Plastic, and reserve Wingman took it to the Lagers's Wizard of Ox, Rod Beck, Trot T., and reserve Unit Brown right from the first inning with El Guapo setting the tone with, two, 3 run homers over of the sacrificial starting picture, the embattled Commissioner himself.

The Lagers held a respectable 5 run deficit, 10-15, at the end of the front nine played out at HST. However, during the back nine, played at GapBridge on Sunday, the Loggers exploded off of the tired arms of Trot T. and H.R., as well as late arrival Unit Brown, out scoring the Lagers 32-7. The mercy was called in the 12th, 13th, and 16th innings as the season fell apart for the Lagers.

Both high ranking members of the players union and Fox sports executives have been highly critical of his years format, blaming the Commissioner for his ongoing mishandling of schedules and rosters. By the 15th inning the live attendance had dwindled to one man and one miniature horse, and the television audience to zero. Whispers are now being heard from various sources calling for the resignation of Commissioner of LowBall, Trot T. Thompson III.

LowBall's storied post season drama did not unfold in 2008 as the players, fans and sponsors would have hoped. Scheduling difficulties, El Guapo's peace mission to China, injuries, and the LowBall front office's inability to construct league balance all combined to prevent the epic battle we have come to expect. Many point to the excessive time between the end of the season and Wifftober for the blowout. Though the disappointment and controversy, the Loggers (8-9) performance should not be over looked for the dominating championship game they played. The Lagers played well down the stretch, winning 4 in a row to take the Pennant by 2 games, finishing season at 9-8. However, this year, Wifftober belongs to the Loggers.