Living that Wiffle Lifestyle

A Classic 1on1on1 battle with Black Cloud's 13 Besting the Surgeon at 12 and Lonichiro at 10
Regular Season
Game Date: 
July 17, 2011
Epicocity of Game: 

After a massive June, the collective lungs of LowBall have contracted leaving only the true diehards to do battle on the fields of wiffle. Long assumed to be days of inferior play, something odd has happened over the last few weeks. Instead of whimpering at the reduced attendance, a dedicated few have embraced the chaos and some of the best wiffle witnessed in years has emerged. These few are said to be living that wiffle lifestyle, a way of the weekend that pays homage to the early days of baseball. These players stumble from the high hills of Lincoln to the lowlands of Burnham, seeking out the great battle, surviving by the bat and the ball, resting only when a game does not present itself.
On Sunday, the annual Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing in Bristol game was played, no battled, in what many are claiming to be the ironman of wiffle competition, a 1on1on1 match. Imagine, if you will, the stress and strain of not only pitching every inning but battling at the plate either Lonichiro, the Plastic Surgeon, or the Black Cloud. No respite, no break, constant epic pitcher/hitter battles. And then once you have fought your way out of the inning, you head to the plate and look up at one of the three most feared pitchers in LowBall. Never an easy at-bat, never a chance to let someone else step in and drive you in. This my friends is the pinnacle of wiffle and only I, celebrated wiffle journalist Hugh Wifflerton, was there to sort of see it.
It is difficult to say what the details of the game were. Somewhere near the bottom of the 6th, the Clouded One jumped on Lonichiro for 7 early runs. The lead would hold until somewhere in the middle of the battle when the Surgeon roared to life and snatched the lead 8-7-1. The lead wouldn't stand long as the Black Cloud stole 6 runs back from the Surgeon in the following innings. The lead would not fall despite a rally from both Lonichiro and the Surgeon in the first against the south paws.

After 6 innings of ridiculously fierce ironman wiffle the Black Cloud emerged victorious 13 to the Surgeon's 12 and Lonichiro's 10. All in attendance agreed that the Skimmer defense of the thing rule added a positive dynamic to the game. No one used it more effectively than the Plastic Surgeon, at one point loading the bases on a single at bat. At the conclusion of play, a tasty beverage was enjoyed by all and all kept on living that wiffle lifestyle.