Lagers take opening game in a low scoring affair

The Lagers picked right up where they left off, using hard nosed pitching and overly exuberant arguing to crush the Loggers
Regular Season
Game Date: 
May 31, 2010

The day started with a rousing and sentimental final ceremonial drink from the chalice for the Wifftober III champion Lagers. Tears could be seen in the eyes of more than one Lager, though that may simply have been the high level of vodka in the questionable drink choice. The Beer Coach was seen muttering expletives in response to the blood red beverage.

Unfortunately the blood continued to run for the Loggers long after the last drop from the chalice spilled in a questionable act. The Lagers picked up the bats put up just enough runs to feel comfortable at 4-2 in the late innings.

Around this time, the first great argument of the 2010 season broke out as Claudio charged a ground ball from right field. He dove in an attempt to field the ball in front of the infield line making a clean play. With a double pump, he tossed the ball to second for what appeared to be an inning ending double play. The Lagers erupted off the bench and started raising a tizzy over what most assumed to be the double pump throw to second. But the Lagers, led by the conflicted Commissioner, jumped on the soapbox debating the location of the play. Just as in the Wifftober III, they argue an incorrect point with such gusto that the Loggers were forced to relent in an effort to keep the game a foot. Whether or not this argument and subsequent resolution had any impact on the game is debatable.

The Lagers piled a few more runs on in the 8th and proved to be just too much for the struggling Loggers in this season opener.

Player of the Game
The Commish put the final nails in the coffin of the hungry Loggers by drifting a 2 run double off Hot Rod Beck and over the head of Guap.
Quote of the Game
Wait, let me grab the thing.
Player quoted: 
As the game roared to a start a mere 59 minutes past the official hard start, the Commish bounded off towards the clubhouse seeking the official "throw-out" zone, known from this point forward as "The Thing".