An Impromptu Classic

The Lagers continue their dominance in another LowBall classic.
Regular Season
Game Date: 
September 5, 2009
Epicocity of Game: 



The schedule was set early in the spring and showed no activity for Labor Day weekend.  The usual suspects were deep into family themed adventures, displaying little inclination to wiffle until the very last moments.  If you didn't know better, you would assume that nothing of consequence happened in the world of LowBall over this long weekend.  You would be wrong.

Despite the Commish's natural desire to quantify what constitutes a LowBall classic, I would argue that the criteria is fuzzy and difficult to define in the moment.  What makes a game stick out in your mind weeks, months, or even years later?  Certainly it is not simply the score or even how deep the battle goes.  For the splendor of our little slice of wiffle lies within the diversity and commitment of the players, the beauty of the backdrop and an atmosphere of competition built on mutual respect and admiration.  Now when all three combine with a see saw battle you are guaranteed a classic and even if the Commish does not call it in person, his presence is felt.

Early in the game it was obvious that the air at Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Greens was favoring offense.  HST, already known as a hitter's park, greeted the batters with an unusual friendliness.  The visiting Loggers, powered by the explosive allstar duo of Lonichiro and The Ox, jumped out early with a piercing array of batmanship.  But like true warriors, The Lagers battled back on strength of the Bishkek Bash Brothers, Hot Rod Beck and ChinMusic Frank.  Frank relentlessly pounded well placed shots while Beck showed his propensity to go opposite, dropping two ding dongs over the lonely wall.  The second blast was dangerously close to long strike territory and sparked an intense exchange of theories.  In the end, the Lagers philosophized loudest and the home run stood, marking the fifth time this season that Hot Rod made the little kids count with two fingers.

Ox had announced his hard stop early in the match, drawing the first new nickname in some time, Rolox.   The slugger had already set the statistical mark for the game, having garnered the most footwear comments since the Stillwell Boot Masterpiece.  In fact, Hideki O'Leary, showing up in street clothes, nominated The Ox aka Rolox for "the Best Footwear of the Season.". There is still a lot of wiffle left to play but you have to think he has a slight lead over J Mac.

Sometime around the 7th, Ox trumpeted his saddened departure and all the players gathered to wish him well.  And then as the Fall temperatures will shift in an instant, the Ox called for the ball, exclaiming game back on.  Surely folk singers will write songs of this moment and all will dance and be joyous upon hearing said glorious jingle.

Lonichiro opened the 8th up by dropping his second dingaling off the Hot Rod.  It would have seemed that the Loggers were on their way to a storied and epic comeback.  And that may have just been the story if it wasn't for an early move to closer by committee by the Lagers.  The ChinMusic of Matriwiffle lore took the mound and cast a long shadow on the bats of the Loggers ending the rally before it got ugly.

As they say, the rest is history, just another LowBall classic.