HST Opener

Regular Season
Game Date: 
September 16, 2007
Epicocity of Game: 


When a man buys a house, there are many visions for future; perhaps a refurbished kitchen, maybe a game room, or even a roof that doesn't leak and a floor that doesn't slope. Well in my case, I spotted my yard and thought to myself, some day I will have a true wiffle field. Well on Sunday, the dream was finally realized, well before the other visions I might add.
Fans take advantage of HST's innovative bleachers as Shoeless Jon Wingman "insert new nickname here" Howard Howell battles the Guap.
Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Greens opened to a near capacity crowd on Sunday. It was a fitting opening, a solid game with ups and downs, defense, nasty pitching, and a few solid rallies. The home team took the win in an efficient 9 inning battle. El Guapo gets the player of the game for hitting the first homer in HST and for robbing The Unit of a big homer off the right field wall. Big props to the Unit for making a rare Sunday appearance, it made the game a true Lowball festivity. I actually have the stats sheet and will try to get a full write-up later, for now some photos.

The view out. 70 ft to the building in left, 77 to the fence, 90 straight away and 75 to the right, 7 foot fences all around.
Sideline lounge as shot from the cheap seats behind the right field fence.
The view in.
The essence of LowBall. If you know, you understand.
The Ox readies on the mound.

Player of the Game