The Forgotten One

Let's not forget there are two games in a double header
Regular Season
Game Date: 
July 9, 2010
Epicocity of Game: 

The game was billed as the "Big Gulp." A double header in which everything was supposed to be BIG. Big beers, big egos, big turn out. None of this manifested. What did turn out was a couple of big bats and some amazing play for a Friday night.

The game was billed as a hard start. 5:38 start time. The hard start has become a joke, and it's unfortunate. The trio of Guapo, Trot Thompson and Lonichiro had showed for game time, but a three person game of Wiffle is about as fun as fishing with no bait. Tnere was talk that the players would play one-on-one-on-one, in a throwback to the beginning days of the league when finding four players was a long shot, but J-Mac completed the set when he rolled in at about 6:10 boasting of his bachelorhood. It turned out that all four players that evening were riding the bachelor train, although Lonichiro had the misfortune of having his kids in tow.

Some say that if you host a game at your home field it is a disadvantage. In this instance it was as if Lonichiro brought his disadvantage with him. Distracted though he may have been, he sure didn't show it. More on that later.

The game got off to a late start, and the Loggers team consisted of J-Mac and Lonichiro, while the Lagers fielded El Guapo and the very last game for the retiring Trot Thompson.

The interesting thing about this game, which was definitely not a classic, was that the two-on-two format yielded a pretty good match up. Trot took the mound in the first and promptly yielded four runs to the big hitting Loggers. Lonichiro jacked a two run shot into the opposite field for his first of four home runs on the night. J-mac in turn took the mound for the Lagers and gave up seven. including a grand slam to the surging Trot "The Forgotten One" Thompson.

Why is he forgotten? This player has been on a tear through the league in the last three or four games. Actually, pretty much all season. But, in the last three or four games T. Trot Thompson the third has been unleashing an incredible fireworks display of power that is really unrivaled. He has hit a grand-slam in each of the last three games he has played in and there have been multiple homer games for him in more than one of the games for the entire last month. His attitude has been surly and his passion flaring in arguments up and down the field. But it is his bat that has been talking the loudest. So why is he the forgotten one?

Plain and simple, Lonichiro belted four dingers over the fence on that fateful Friday. One to right, one to dead center, one to left center and a towering grand slam over the Vermonster in left field that brought his RBI total for the game to 14. The guy was unstoppable.

Trot Thompson's last game as a lowballer should have been a ceremonial event. This was the first player in the league. He was a founding member of Lowball Nation. And he had a great game, but there was no joy in Mudville for the once great T. Trot. He went quietly in a 20-10 loss for the Championship Lagers.

One thing that will emerge from this unceremonious departure of one of the greats is that the player who was once called T. Trot Thompson the III will emerge with a new persona, one richly deserved and a nickname truly fitting with his tremendous talents.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, I am proud to announce the emergence of a new superstar...

Wifflers of the World. I give you... Tremendous Thompson!

Player of the Game
Four Dingers and 14 RBI's 'nuff said.
Astroglide Smooth Defense
Defensive Highlights: 
Outstanding diving catch in center field to rob Trot of a double
Quote of the Game
You don't leave food out for bears, and you don't leave pizza lying around when Quinn's around
Player quoted: 
Quinn had just eaten half a pizza that Jade accidentally dropped, when walking back from the house.