Church of Wiffle: A Peak Wiffle Classic

Lonichiro robs a homer and a win from Chin Music
Regular Season
Game Date: 
October 9, 2011
Epicocity of Game: 

In Vermont autumn means two things, peak foliage and peak wiffle. After suffering through the traditional mid season slump of action, LowBall fans were treated to a classic Sunday morning battle. The game pitted the Black Sox (Lagers) of Lonichiro, Black Cloud, and Tremendous against the Other Sox (Loggers) of J-Mac, Chin Music, and the Plastic Surgeon.
Defense and pitching defined this low scoring grudge match. Early in the third with Lonichiro on the mound, Black Cloud made a controversial diving bobble grab on a Chin Music grounder. It was ruled an out after some mediocre arguing. You can expect that to be amplified in next week's championship. During the back half of the inning, Chin delivered the karmic payback, snagging a hard hit liner from the Cloud.
Things remained knotted at zip through a few, until the first run was walked in, giving the Lagers/Black Sox a one run lead. Around this time, LowBall saw its first ever broken (during play) bat. Black Cloud was sporting his first new bat in 5 seasons, a 1980's vintage that survived the Irene flood in Waterbury. On a large cut, the bat folded over above his lower hand, rendering it unusable (the bat will be added to the trophy).
With the game at a ridiculously low 1-0 score, both teams sent their closers in, Black Cloud for the Lagers and Plastic Surgeon for the Loggers. Cloud looked decent despite a 2 month absence. He was battling his old rival, Chin Music, and had reached the full count. The time off appeared to affect his judgement, as he tossed in a change-up curve. Chin Music jumped all over it, displaying that power that earned him 2009 Wiffler of the Year. A high deep shot slowly drifted to its inevitable home beyond the outfield fence. And it surely would have landed there had it not been for the perennial Astroglide Smooth Defense of Lonichiro. The Ich went diving/falling over the fence, in the process making the grab. He ended up in the adoring arms of the GapBridge fans, one foot hooked in fair territory. Some loud philosophizing followed but the catch stood.

Black Cloud displayed renewed focus and did not let another ball linger, including what some called the angry K's. To note, some will argue that this was a epic. It is the stance of the LowPress that an epic must have a few components. First it should be at least 9 innings and second there must be an air of tension through-out the final innings or so (Matriwiffle, Wiffsolstice). Certainly this was a fine game, definitely a classic, but we do not feel it qualifies for the epic status. Argue amongst yourselves.

Let's get our Wifftober on.

Player of the Game
See defense, multiple hits off the Surgeon, lockdown pitching
Astroglide Smooth Defense
Defensive Highlights: 
The play of the year, possibly of all time, a diving catch over the fence to rob Chin Music of a 2 run go ahead homer.