He got him in the dick
Not Sure

Someone on the Lagers struck out swinging and the ball hit him in the groin region. A group of grown men playing a kid's game proceeded to laugh.

Harden the F@#$ up!

As stated to West Coast when he tried to back out of Wifftober

I got a hole or something there

after stumbling off the mound

Well, my nipples don't hurt

Chit chattering on the sidelines

He's got the eyes of a peregrine falcon.

Describing The Plastic Surgeon batting.


as Jon inspected the medical facilities of the clubhouse

See Jon that's your problem

in response to Jon saying something like "I am not sure what is going on"

Might as well toss. I'm already tossing.

when being asked if he wanted to start throwing or sit down and catch some air

You don't leave food out for bears, and you don't leave pizza lying around when Quinn's around

Quinn had just eaten half a pizza that Jade accidentally dropped, when walking back from the house.

These aren't outfits, girls wear outfits. These are uniforms.

In response to a spectator that heckled, "Hey, those are nice outfits you've got."

That's called doing work, son

after a solid hit off of his brother-in-law Matt "The Staredown"

Scuff my balls and marinate my meat

directed at Lonichiro as tensions flare between the two.

It's a two prong, bitch

While plugging in the third set of lights at the inaugural game, replying to hecklers.

Wait, let me grab the thing.

As the game roared to a start a mere 59 minutes past the official hard start, the Commish bounded off towards the clubhouse seeking the official "throw-out" zone, known from this point forward as "The Thing".