The Marquee Series: Wiffdependence

The third release in the Marquee series, Wiffdependence, has roots in one of the most famous LowBall images of all time. Last season when the LowPress unveiled the American Revolution inspired Wiffdependence art, it caused a national phenomenon. At least two people were spotted with cheap knock off t-shirts. The image showed up on no less than three wiffle webpages and many feel catapulted to site to its current 13th ranking in the World Wiffle Website ranking. The fame of the original Wiffdependence art spawned this year's poster series and made the street artist Wiffsky internet famous in his own mind.Read more

Transcending the Norm - Wiffsols12

The Lagers continue to roll in a high scoring, high flying grinder
Game Date: 
June 22, 2012
Epicocity of Game: 

The air was thick with smoke, illuminated by the lights of the Friendly Confines, El Guapo paced behind the mound as the Black Cloud paraded through his pre batting ritual. The count was full, the bases loaded, and Guapo was one out away from capping a scoreless three innings of work, his finest pitching in recent memory. It does not get much more LowBall, the Season I player of the year staring down the reigning LowBaller of the Year. The anxious home crowd held their collective breath as Guapo hurled a near perfect rising curve. Somehow the Clouded One managed to get a touch of plastic on the pitch sending what seemed like the thousandth foul into the tall grass. The battle would finally end in a walk and the only run scored on El Guapo on the evening.Read more

Have Glove Will Travel

The greatest voicemail of all time - Manny's dreads will lead to everyone doing drugs

Found this over at Deadspin

Photos of Old Baseballs

Check out the full gallery at Don Hamerman's site.

Wiffmetrics of Epicocity

It hasn’t always been, and it won’t last forever, but LOWBALL creates moments rarely seen in modern yard sport. Why? To begin to explore this question we need to examine the four fundamental factors that have created the grandest of moments and noblest of pursuits.

1. Play and Theatre

Most adults spend far too little time engaged in imaginative play.

2. Silliness

Modern life is fraught with deals, deadlines and disillusion.

3. Competition

Epic moments can’t play out unless both sides want it more than the other.
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4. Community

The Marquee Series: Wiffsolstice

To the casual viewer, the LowBall season may appear to be just another collection of meaningless wiffle battles. Embed yourself into this motley group of plastic partitioners and you quickly uncover a thoroughly unique season long celebration of ridiculous fun. This series of wiffle gatherings acknowledges the fortune to share another year of wiffle with like minded maniacs. Taken as a whole, the marquee games of LowBall form a grand opportunity for revelry and rivalry, a three season celebration, an event to be savored and appreciated.
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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Stingy defense continues to define season VI as the Lagers squeeze out the short score
Game Date: 
June 10, 2012
Epicocity of Game: 

Following the 2-2 defensive stand-off at Wiffmorial, Burnham Field once again lived up to its Pitcher +2 rating. The defensive precision that has defined the past two contests was exemplified by an early highlight reel snag by Bento Box. The reigning Rookie of the Year showed off the same thievery that landed him the award in robbing a double that could have broke the game wide open. The visiting Lagers would jump out to a sizeable four run lead bolstered by a solo straight away center shot from the Darkest of Clouds, estimated by Gordon Wiffnoski to be a 99 ft blast. The Mad Scientist continued to be lights out from the mound, totally four scoreless innings in his inaugural season.Read more

Jose Canseco, the 47 yr old designated hitter for the Worcester Tornadoes, gets tossed

1939 World Series in Color