Swinging Bunt Book Release Party

LowPress Releases Book "Swinging Bunt: Inside the Mediocre Rise of LowBall"

In late November celebrated wiffle journalist Hugh S. Wifflerton disappeared to a remote cabin in Orwell, Vermont with only a handle of Bulleit and a dream. Less than a month later, the LowPress is proud to announce the official release of "Swinging Bunt - Inside the Medoicre Rise of LowBall" For the first time ever, many of the above average game recaps have been assembled in one full color, slightly low quality, book. In addition to the lyrical renditions of the plastic perfection, Swinging Bunt includes over 90 pages of art and photography, some of it is actually good. LowPress Book Critic at Large, Simon McSorley had this to say about the 170 page epicRead more

Loggers Continue Wifftober Dominance with Big Win

Lonichiro's historic performance powers a raucous Logger team through a turbulent Wifftober VII
Game Date: 
October 26, 2013
Epicocity of Game: 

While the first and the last pitches of Wifftober VII may have come from the hands of rookies, the game in between was covered with the greasy fingerprints of LowBall legends. It was a game ripe with controversy and intrigue, tense battles and epic performances. It was game with details hidden between the lines of the box score (if one existed). It was a game truly worthy of the sacred Wifftober badge. It was Wifftober VII.Read more


Are you still impervious to the bus fumes?
Yeah, I’m still impervious to the bus fumes. And you know, I’ve never been incarcerated. I’m about as lily-white and clean as anyone, which shows the hypocrisy of everything. I was so far ahead of my time. They’ll have to say that about me eventually. If they had elected me president back in 1988 when I ran, we never would have had the Twin Tower bombings. We never would have had any of these problems we have now.

After the recent government shutdown and the idiotic bickering our lawmakers are engaging in, what would Bill Lee’s message to Capitol Hill be?
I would suspend the Senate and Congress and until we have a referendum on one person, one vote and get rid of this gerrymandering. We have to suspend the laws that were passed by the Supreme Court that allow corporations to say they are people. Corporations are not people. And they’re not going to be able to pump money into elections like that. When you do that, then we’re going to have a representative government.

Did you smoke weed on days that you pitched, and did it help your performance on the mound?
You know, I did perform with it. I had good games. I had bad games. I never used it as a crutch. It never enhanced, you know? I would say it’s not something kids should do before a ball game. In fact, I don’t think you should use it before you’re 21 years of age.

Full Interview over at ViceRead more

Outrage mounts as sensational rookie, the Unshod One, cut from Wifftober VII roster

As early as 9:07 am this morning, the LowPress was swamped by calls (two) reporting the collection of a feisty crowd in front of the LowBall World Headquarters in Lincoln, Vermont. The crowd varied loud chants from "LET HIM IN" to "OUT WITH THE COMMISSIONER" to "WE WANT BACON". The source of this angered mob can be traced to an unilateral decision declaring rookie phenom The Unshod One ineligible for Wifftober VII. The decision was issued by the league's spokesman Tickle G. Spot yesterday afternoon after The Unshod One submitted his declaration of attendance at 12:01, apparently failing to meet the requirements of the league.

Chief protester Jacques Inseam of the Wifflepeace Organization stated,Read more

Wifftober VII - The Wifflerton Preview

After my rambling history of Wifftober broke records for readership (4 live humans), the LowPress' editors, of questionable ethics, approached me with a grip of cash to re-up my annual Wifftober preview. Due to an expansive gambling debt amassed at the Great Escape squirt gun horse races, I, celebrated wiffle journalist Hugh Wifflerton, drunkenly accepted the offer. So let's get it over.

The Game DayRead more

Black Cloud's Soul Wiffodyssey

There has been a notable absence in the LowBall ranks this year, namely the slightly opaque weather system, The Black Cloud. He declared his intentions to take some time early in the year through a post on the LowPress simply titled "the summer of soul wiffle." It is now known that the former LowBaller of the Year took a bit of an art sabbatical, creating some of the first wiffle art the world has ever seen. Here are some of the works to emerge from his time away from wiffle.Read more

Wifftober VII Poster Pays Tribute to Wifftober I

Seven long and tumultuous years ago, the greatest game in all of wiffle was founded upon the fields of Bristol and Lincoln. Playing in Wifftober has become the ultimate privilege to be bestowed upon a wiffler. This year the LowPress celebrates the seventh anniversary with a poster paying tribute to the original game.

The World’s First Wiffle Scramble at the Vermont Music Fest

You are cordially invited to the wiffle event of the year. The competition will unfold using the groundbreaking scramble format, allowing any individual wifflers to live the dream. The victors will enjoy the sweet taste of victory (perhaps from official sponsor Citizen Cider) straight from a trophy of great lore and splendor. Interested, here are the basic details:Read more

  • This is competitive, fast-pitch Wiffle
  • There will be no running, unless followed by a diving catch
  • Open to individual “Wifflers” -- you DON’T need a team to participate
  • Teams will be randomly selected every round
  • Single elimination scramble format
  • Players will be celebrated for prowess of play but also for the spirit they bring to the scramble

The Summer of Soul Wiffle