A Treasury of Haiku

The Low Press, being the best wiffle electronic publication in the world, extends its readership to the farthest regions. Below is an excerpt from the premier Chinese wiffle poet, Akinori Wiffamura.

Get your cleats bats balls
Fresh cut grass signs of season
Time now for LowballRead more

My Interview* with Dustin Pedroia

Boston -
As the premier connoisseur of high velocity petroleum I have scoured the globe to bring you interesting information and insight from fascinating people and exotic locales. I can think of no locale more exotic than my imagination and no one more fascinating than a short white man who likes to play a children's game. Since I could not get access to the infamous MVP of Wifftober VII, Lonichiro - apparently he is on an extended visit to the Happy Home for Struggling Sluggers - I have managed to secure an interview with the next most impressive short white man, Dustin Pedroia*, of the Boston Red Sox.

Le Wiffleur - Dustin, may I call you Dustin?
Dustin Pedroia - Sure, I guess.
LW - Great! Well I am sure you are a busy guy with lots of stuff to do so I will make it brief.Read more

Striking Photos of Early 20th-Century Baseball Players in Motion

William M. Vander Weyde, a photographer working in New York, made these images of baseball players mid-swing, -run, -hit, or -throw in 1904.
The George Eastman House, which holds many of Vander Weyde’s negatives, has posted a selection of his images on Flickr. “His photographs are strong and exciting and show a rejection of traditional ideas of composition, content, and style,” the curator writes.

Full Article at Slate

The Origin of Batting Average

Bases on balls were still uncommon events, having been introduced for the 1864 season, and no one thought of them as batters’ achievements, nor would they for decades to come. So the need for an on base average was not evident. Chadwick had already posited a primitive version of the slugging percentage, with total bases divided by number of games; change the denominator from games to at bats and you have today’s slugging percentage—which, incidentally, was not accepted by the National League as an official statistic until 1923 and the American until 1946. Chadwick’s “total bases average” represented the game’s first attempt at a weighted average—a huge conceptual leap forward from, first, counting, and next, averaging.Read more

Saving Tiger Stadium

“I refer to those weeds as redwoods,” Derry told me in March. “I rented a brush hog for 10 weeks in a row — that’s how long it took to knock them down, in 90-degree heat. We brought a baseball field back from the dead. The first year was the most difficult. Not only was it physically difficult, it was mentally exhausting, being under the constant threat of arrest.”Read more

A Hughmetric Season 8 Preview

No one denies the impact of the Sabermetrics revolution on LowBall. Now that all the teams (Loggers and Lagers) have access to the same metrics and same strategies, General Managers are scrambling to find that next advantage. Luckily for them, I, celebrated (and published) wiffle journalist, Hugh S. Wifflerton, spent many long evenings this winter with my abacus and slide rule to devise the next level of metrics, the Hughmetrics.

Instead of the traditional long winded season preview that no one reads, I am introducing a few of these metrics today in a slightly shorter winded piece that no one will read. Enjoy and enjoy wiffle.Read more

News from the Far East

It was a big weekend in the small village of Waitsfield Vermont. A promotion from local beer maker Lawsons’s Finest Liquids caused traffic in both directions of Route 100 and an appearance by the Easter Bunny made parking virtually impossible at the Village Square Market. But away from all this hustle and bustle, a bigger story was unfolding.

The newest wiffleball stadium to be maybe possibly added to the fringe of the Lowball League was undergoing major renovations. Head Groundskeeper Whanny, with favorable weather and nothing better to do with his time since his WoW and daughter were out of town for the weekend, began the painstaking process of redesigning and building a new Whannywood.Read more

Spring Training Commences at the Friendly Confines

The Swinging Bunt Art Slideshow

The LowPress is proud to make the Swinging Bunt Art Slideshow available for public viewing. With generous donations from mysterious street artist Wiffsky, we have been able to waive the $25 fee originally charged to see such works of fine art. It is suggested that you enjoy with headphones and with the show on a 4 sec autoplay. Of course, you can always take your time and zoom in on the fine art.

Musings of a Celebrated Wiffle Journalist

Last season I made the decision to leave my regular job as famed wiffle journalist for the LowPress to concentrate on writing "Where There is Smoke, There Are Clouds - the biography of The Black Cloud". Following the inaugural Wiffle Scramble, I started working on "Swinging Bunt" on the side. When the Cloud learned that I was to release "Swinging Bunt" ahead of his rather uninteresting tale, he was visibly upset, as he typically is, but insisted I include a passage he had originally wrote for the LowPress. Here is a portion of that piece, included in Holy Matriwiffle section of Swinging Bunt.Read more