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Just a Stick

Black Cloud acquires rare Yugoslavian wooden wiffle bat

Claims to have one of the nerdiest wiffle bat collections in the world.

Loggers Storm Back Late for Wifftober 8 Victory

Fueled by El Guapo's historic slam, the Loggers ride a 10 run outburst in the twelfth inning to their league leading 5th Wifftober
Game Date: 
October 25, 2014
Epicocity of Game: 

You know it is mid to late October when a motley collection of middle age wifflers battle upon the wiffle fields of central Vermont with the singular goal of drinking from Lord Wiffle’s Chalice. Those that guzzle from the dented and cherished Chalice are decided by a combination of strategy, desire, talent, perseverance and luck. Occasionally along the way the dedicated wiffle fan will lay witness to a page of history printed in real time. Wifftober 8 had it all, the fully loaded plastic pizza, a modern classic. Here’s how it went down.Read more

Breaking News: Wifftober is good, very good.

I, David Wiffleberg, debatably the second most celebrated Wiffle journalist, have returned to the LowPress from a season long, completely self-chosen “sabbatical.” I totally sabbaticaled on my own. Despite the swirling rumors, it has nothing to do with the “suspension” the LowPress handed down on upon me for embezzling $23.75, or stealing a copy of “Swinging Bunt” and 4 stickers, or pillaging the LowBall museum and/or leaking the Wifftober 8 poster months ahead of time.Read more

W8 - The Poster

HST Field Review

Head Groundsman: 
Black Cloud
Construction History: 

Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Greens (HST) opened its gates on Sept. 16, 2007 with 7 foot high mesh fences and a tarp based backstop. Around the end of Season I, the slate pitching rubber was installed. In season III the Lil' Clubowski was partially upgraded. Construction was stalled due to the recession. In 2010, the famous home plate was installed by a really big crane. Despite not hosting a game in Season VII, HST introduced the revolutionary folding chair stride zone. In Season VIII, HST once again changed the game by introducing the bar backstop.

Pitcher's Mound: 
Angle of Play: 
76 deg
Field Kite Image: 
Playable Area - kite calculation: 
3,762 sq ft
Field Rating: 
+1 Pitcher
Rating Explanation: 

HST is a tough rating. Its deep, high fences contain many would be homeruns and the short grass prevents many swinging bunts. It also has one of the flatter pitching mounds that has been a favorite of some of the greats such Black Cloud and Ox. It is pretty seldom that a team puts double digits on the board at HST. That said, it also has the most playable area of any field providing the batter with plenty of space to spray the field.

The Batter's View: 
HST Field Review
The Pitcher's View: 

HST is the odd field of the LowBall league. While most fields seclude themselves from the plebes, HST is built directly in downtown Bristol. Much like the days of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the wifflers of HST live among the fans, creating a real family atmosphere. The field was designed with the aesthetics of the late Hunter S. Thompson in mind. The leftfield wall juts around the ruins of a building that may have been a barn. The partially renovated Lil' Clubowski sits in dead center and makes it virtually impossible to go straight away yard. The field slopes up from center to right.

Notable Games: 

Easily the biggest game in HST's history is the first Wifftober. It is a little known fact that the original Wifftober was supposed to be 27 innings over two weekends and included the Friendly Confines. So there, you didn't know that did you. As we all know, the game would only be 18 innings and played at GapBridge and HST. This game cemented the league and propelled into the now famous mediocre rise in fame.

HST has also been the traditional host of the Wiffdepence games and some of those didn't suck.

W8 - The Hard Cards

The deeper recesses of the interwebs were sent a flutter today with the rumor of "real" LowCards. The implications of the mass hysteria were felt far and near. The world's leading wiffle publication, The LowPress, was shut down for the day as an unprecedented number of visitors descended upon the creaky virtual architecture. Now the source of the mayhem can finally be made public, there are indeed 10 sets of LowCards in existence. These cards have been meticulously crafted to resemble the imperfections of vintage baseball cards. In addition the sets have been handstamped with their respective series numbers, thus immediately increasing the value by at least 10 cents.Read more

W8 - The Wifflerton Preview


Aright let's do this you wiffle wonks, it is finally that magical time of year when a bunch of middle-ish age men play a child's game for an entire day. Yes my friends, it is finally Wifftober 8 and I for one have drank enough Wild Turkey 101 to be excited. For only the eighth time ever, this year's big game will pit the Lagers of Lincoln against the Loggers of Lincoln. A coalition of the willing wifflers has been sent via embossed bubble gum wrappers to the office of the commissioner and now we lay in wait as the Supreme One retires to his sweat lodge retreat to bump knuckles with the wiffle moose and Lord Wiffle willing fabricate the line-ups for W8.Read more

W8 - The Cards

Continuing our celebration of Wifftober Week, LowCard Media, in collusion with the LowPress, is proud to present the first new set of LowCards in over two years. Spearheaded by public outcry and whining, LowCard Media lobbied the Tea Party for some good ole fashioned pork bellies. Once they had spent the lion share of the haul on whiskey and women, the geniuses at LowCard decided they better whip together something tangible. The half ass effort has resulted in this collection of fine trade cards.Read more