The Rock Garden

Head Groundsman: 
The Unshod One

Wiffsolstice Rocks On

After being left for dead in a ditch beside the fallen Friendly Confines, Wiffsolstice roars on at the Rock Garden
Game Date: 
June 20, 2015
Epicocity of Game: 
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Wiffmorial 2015

The Greatest Known Wiffle Bat Collection, in Bristol

Black Cloud's collection from left to right - Wooden Wiffle King, Wooden Wiffle Bat (with trademark), Wooden Yugoslavian Wiffle Bat, Original Yellow Plastic (no grip, no Made in the USA), Black Plastic Bat (with grip, no Made in the USA), Yellow Plastic Bat (with grip, no Made in the USA), Yellow Plastic Bat (with grip and Made in the USA), Paddy Wacker Cricket bat.

Only two significant bats are missing from the collection - the black plastic with a smooth grip and the wooden wiffle bat with no trademark.

Ebbets Field Flannels

They have been called the LowBall of apparel, by me, just now.

Questions for Season IX

The epic novel that is LowBall will ink its 9th chapter this summer and fans will be treated to yet another season of twists and turns. For an unprecedented ninth year, the great wifflers of LowBall will gather for an undetermined number of games spread sporadically over six months. At the conclusion, a handful of talented and lucky wifflers will celebrate with a long guzzle from Lord Wiffle's Chalice.

As we all await the season opener with nervous anticipation, let's take a look at some of the questions that linger and we hope to have answered this year. We polled the three readers of the LowPress and determined the following to be the most important unknowns.Read more

1. What's the deal with the fields?

Reds Manager Does His Best Tremendous Impression

Reds manager Bryan Price drops 77 F-Bombs in one media session.

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Secondary Market for Swinging Bunt Exploding

This guy throws 96mph and lives in a van

Before the Blue Jays understood his convictions, Norris felt like the team had trouble making sense of his unpredictable life -- coaches, teammates and executives asking him questions that indicated a measure of unease. Why, with seven figures in the bank, did he take an offseason job working 40 hours a week at an outdoor outfitter in his hometown of Johnson City, Tennessee? Would it do permanent damage to his back muscles to spend his first minor league season sharing an apartment with two teammates in Florida and sleeping only in a hammock? Why had he decided to spend his first offseason vacationing not on a Caribbean cruise with teammates or partying in South Beach but instead alone in the hostels of Nicaragua, renting a motorcycle for $2 a day, hiking into the jungle, surfing among the stingrays? And was that really a picture on Twitter of the Blue Jays' best prospect, out again in the woods, shaving his tangled beard with the blade of an ax?

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Bill Murray - Former Logger

If you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t believe it all happened in the space of about five weeks in the summer of 1978. But it did happen. In those five weeks, Bill Murray played professional baseball and established himself as a bona fide movie star and the Grays Harbor Loggers – representing the twin cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam, Wash. – posted the best winning percentage in America and won the Harbor’s only professional sports championship in living memory.