Now Let's Wiffle You Hosers

About once a year I get the inkling to spend a couple all nighters rebuilding web sites. A month ago I promised to put forth the same effort on the LowBall site. Little progress was made in March, and then the snow melted. Suddenly HST became visible and the memories flooded back. I went to work. After around 48 hours of near continuous work and a few cans of the old good life, the site is live and revived. I hope it gets you as excited as I am for the season.

A brief background, the header/background design was developed out of these source images. When I started working on the site, I really wanted to get the feeling of old time baseball across. To me, that is LowBall, the pure spirit of baseball without all the pretense; just friends and competition. These two images caught my eye and I really worked to make them a part of the theme.

I went through a lot of iterations to reach the end product. Since in my mind, I feel that Lonny was the LowBaller of the Year, I worked him in place of Hank Greenberg. I figure getting the header image for a year is a decent reward for 142 at bats. I like the merging of a modern wiffle photo with an old time baseball photo. That really is the thing, every time you take the mound or step into the batter's box, you step into something bigger and for a brief moment you are part of the big show. If that made no sense to you, you should stop reading and start playing in your company's slow pitch softball league.
I also quietly revised the LowBall Coat of Arms. This ended up being a real chore. I really did not want to use a photo of myself in any of this. However after spending hours cutting and pasting different LowBallers into the crest, it became apparent that this photo worked best. Having built the site and built a lot of baseball cards, I now know what photos I need and what angles work best. Next year should go smoother. I would like to have the LowBaller of the Year (voted by committee) emblazoned on the crest for their reign as LOTY. That's a long ways off.

As a note, I put up some base posts for the individual fields. These should be expanded upon by the appropriate owners.

For now, all this staring at wiffle photos has got me amped up for some wiffle. Now let's wiffle you hosers.