WOWS BETWEEN WIFFLERS - Speculation mounts as Unshod fails to register for Wifftober IX

The Unshod One has had many a brilliant moments on the Wiffle field, if only those brilliant moments could last through to the pending and highly anticipated 2015 Wifftober IX show down. Alas, a scandal of unprecedented caliber has unfolded in front of us. Rumors abound as the Unshod One has been spotted gallivanting about on the north shore of Puerto Rico with non other than the 2014 WOW of the year, La Guapacita. Though the rumors are just that, there is question as to the reason that they have been seen together on multiple occasions. Some say lust and some say tactical moves to ruffle feathers of the talented, headline worthy L Guapo and inevitably get closer to the chalice coveted by so many Wifflers. This “distraction” from his Wiff-career, has resulted in his unquestionable missing of the deadline for the placement on the 2015 Wifftober roster.

As a result of Unshod's deceptive and unrealistic association with the powerful La Guapacita, Beatrix Boobssofine, Lowball's first commissioner of WOWZA, Wives of WifflerZ Alliance, has banned the Unshod One from playing in Wifftober IX despite exceptional play and attendance during the entire 2015 exhibitions. Since the accusation, Unshod's guilt has been fiercely debated with new accounts claiming his innocence beckoning the WOWZA organization to reconsider his banishment. As a result of this scandal The Unshod Ones career could be abruptly halted in his prime, which would ensure him a place in setting records in Lowball lore forever… though disowned by his fellow wifflers on the field. Or, his reasoning could redeem him for the supposed gallivant as well as his near universal respect on the field. We will know more once the Supreme Comissioner and the WOWZA have reviewed his plea and official registration.