A Treasury of Haiku

A Treasury of Haiku

The Low Press, being the best wiffle electronic publication in the world, extends its readership to the farthest regions. Below is an excerpt from the premier Chinese wiffle poet, Akinori Wiffamura.

Get your cleats bats balls
Fresh cut grass signs of season
Time now for Lowball

Big spot batters wiff
Watch from sideline feel much shame
This time one and done

Batter digs in box
At sunny friendly confines
Pitcher stares him down

Eight holes all spinning
Over GapBridge short fences
Yellow bat homerun

Windy green meadows
Long ride to wiff at Burnham
Plastic perfection

Rocky sloping field
Hard to navigate Whannywood
Worth ride to far east?

Much chatter for ghost
Legendary HST
Wiff again at phantom field?

Play for the chalice
Wifftober’s greatest award
“Taxing season.” grind

Summer sun shines down
Yellow bat like silver sword
Sport of samurai