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Black Cloud's Soul Wiffodyssey

There has been a notable absence in the LowBall ranks this year, namely the slightly opaque weather system, The Black Cloud. He declared his intentions to take some time early in the year through a post on the LowPress simply titled "the summer of soul wiffle." It is now known that the former LowBaller of the Year took a bit of an art sabbatical, creating some of the first wiffle art the world has ever seen. Here are some of the works to emerge from his time away from wiffle.Read more

The World’s First Wiffle Scramble at the Vermont Music Fest

You are cordially invited to the wiffle event of the year. The competition will unfold using the groundbreaking scramble format, allowing any individual wifflers to live the dream. The victors will enjoy the sweet taste of victory (perhaps from official sponsor Citizen Cider) straight from a trophy of great lore and splendor. Interested, here are the basic details:Read more

  • This is competitive, fast-pitch Wiffle
  • There will be no running, unless followed by a diving catch
  • Open to individual “Wifflers” -- you DON’T need a team to participate
  • Teams will be randomly selected every round
  • Single elimination scramble format
  • Players will be celebrated for prowess of play but also for the spirit they bring to the scramble

Wifftober VI: A Preview

For five consecutive years, the mighty wifflers of LowBall have gathered every October for one grueling 18 inning battle in variable conditions and across the breadth of LowBall fields. The victors receive the privilege of guzzling celebratory beverages from the sacred chalice of Lord Wiffle. It is said to be a one game season that can either haunt or delight the wiffler for the following 364 days.Read more

The Masters of Wiffle Image Leaked

Late last week it was brought to the attention of the LowPress that the official poster for the 2nd annual Masters of Wiffle had been spotted in various places in the country. The LowPress is currently investigating how such a leak could happen.

New York City - somewhere in Greenwich VillageRead more

Minneapolis St. Paul Airport

MID6 - Return of LowBall

With all due respect to Season V, a fine year of wiffle by any measure, 2012 has marked the full and complete resurrection of the world famous LowBall league. Following the trainwreck of a season that was IV, fans have longed for the old days of LowBall. As we reach the mid point of the season, I, famed wiffle journalist Hugh Wifflerton, take a moment to reflect on what we have laid witness to so far. Play has been precise and competitive fueled by legends like the Surgeon, Commish, and Lonichiro but with new life from the rookies, Bad Science, The Show, and Bento Box.Read more

The Marquee Series: Wiffmorial

Every season the LowBall connoisseur is treated to a veritable smorgasbord of piping hot wiffle. Within this feast of fast pitch, there are a few games that come with elevated pomp and plastic. These special festive occasions are eagerly awaited, with advance tickets selling faster than West Coast chooches a cold beverage. In seasons past, the casual observer had no way to identify these games prior to spotting the tall socks and High Life.Read more

The Fields of LowBall: Temples of Play

As you close the car door, squeezed into the last available parking spot, and turn towards the field, you leave reality behind and enter into a realm of fantasy, where ordinary middle age men are sporting heroes and time seems to stand still. While the heart of LowBall lies with its cast of characters, the soul of the league resides in the soil and sod of the fields. These meticulously maintained pitches of plastic provide the canvas on which the epics are painted. Every game is an opportunity for the ordinary wiffler to weave themselves into the fabric of that field's history. The privilege to immerse oneself into a world where your worries and travails neither exist nor matter.Read more

Season VI Preview

Wifflers across the rolling green hills of Lincoln are shaking the dust off of their respective games and pulling their socks up for the opening day of the sixth season of LowBall. Come Sunday the Loggers will take their ceremonial final sip from Lord Wiffle's Chalice and with that last taste of postseason victory all of last year will wash away. From that point forward, all wifflers will be left standing on equal ground, all vying for glory just the same. Following the drama and downturn of Season IV, the commissioner could not have asked for more out of Season V. As we enter the sixth year of LowBall, the league is swelling with intrigue and I, celebrated wiffle journalist Hugh Wifflerton, am here, as always, to cover it.Read more

Centennial Field - one of seven must visit minor league fields

Sure that big league field down there in Mass ah chusats gets a bunch more publicity and stuff. But don't sleep on our little field, ambitious young ballers have been smacking leather around since 1906 and now the internet is claiming that Ethan Allen is buried in left field. Check the full article - here.

2012 LowBall Schedule and Calendar Released

LowBall Central Office today released the official schedule for the 2012 season, the sixth year of Lincoln old school wiffle. In conjunction with the schedule release, the LowPress has once again published an incredibly high end calendar. You can procure one right now, and you should, click here.

May 6, 2012 - 10:00am - GapBridge - Opening Day
May 19, 2012 - The Friendly Confines - Dan Guy Day
May 28, 2012 - Burnham Field - Wiffmorial Day
June 10, 2012 - 8:00am - Burnham Field - Sunday Bloody Sunday
June 16, 2012 - Road Trip - WiffPack Trip
June 22, 2012 - 5:31pm - The Friendly Confines - WiffsolsticeRead more