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Literal Bloody Sunday - 7/29/07 DR Field

LINCOLN (LP) - On another epic summer's day, DR Field saw a game riddled with controversy, injuries, and offensive explosions. The home team irked out a 27-21 victory behind the hot bats of El Guapo and Lon Ichiro. Lon Ichiro earned the prestigious player of the game award on the strength of 9 RBIs and 2 dings. El Guapo walked away with the win while notching 7 strong K's.

Before the first pitch was even thrown, Claudio was sent off to the ER with a chin wound that would require stitches. He would miraculously return from the hospital with the all clear to play. He certainly earned the admiration of fans and players alike. Not only did he return from injury, but he did so knowing that he had an 8 hour drive to Maryland ahead of him directly following the game. Some people truly do this "for the love of the game". My hat is off.

Tensions were running high in the first inning as the teams argued a ground out opportunity. The issue at hand was whether the play with two outs on a ground ball with runners on would be to the mound or to home. It was concluded that with two outs any play on a ground ball should be to home. The game saw the first call strike on a player leaning into a pitch. Incidently Jon earned another nickname as a result. Another rule clarification was that a double moves the runners two bases, meaning a runner on second would score on a double. Up for debate is whether a mercy inning is 7 runs only or the total runs accumulated. Example being if a team hits a 3 run homer with 6 current runs in the inning, do they get credited 7 runs or the full 9 runs.

As I actually remembered my camera this time, here is the recap in photos. As always the full scorecard is attached for your detailed examination.

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Pregame prep at DR Field. The wind was consistently blowing in from the West and out to the leftfield wall. Any ball in the air had a chance at making it out of the park.
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Player of the Game, Lon Ichiro, pitching to Trot Thompson. Lon Ichiro wowed the crowd with an acrobatic homerun trot that included a cartwheel and a front flip. It is unclear if his contract prohibits such injury inducing behavior. Trot was traded midway through the game for the infamous player to be named later and two Labatt Blues.

The summary tells the story, 9 total homeruns, 2 grand slams, back to back homers by both Jon and El Guapo, 48 runs, all in a shortened game.
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Winning pitcher, El Guapo, throws to Shoeless JonBoy Howard Wingman Howell (currently leading the league in total nicknames and hit by pitch strike-outs)
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Wiffle injury. You can't keep a good wiffler down. The game was so long that Claudio was able to hit the emergency room and make it back in time for the fifth inning.
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Dominic "Claudio" Frank battles El Guapo after returning from the emergency room with fresh stitches. Claudio provided an emotional and offensive lift upon his return, hitting a 3 run homer and two doubles.
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With three homeruns in today's marathon, El Guapo owns the plate at the Friendly Confines, you simply borrow it.

Season Stats thru 7/29/07

Starting next week, there will be a minimum at bats and innings pitched to make the leaders board.

More Wiffle Abroad

Just got a few more shots of us playing wiffle while on the Mongol Rally last summer. Claudio in the Ukraine, Hot Rod in Russia.

If you want to read more about our adventure check out the website at

Season Stats thru 7/26/07

Season Stats as of 7/25/07

These are the stats through last Sunday's game. I am trying a new method of updating. Hopefully it will make it a bit easier. I will add in Tuesday's game as soon as I get the scorecard.

Camera Missing

Stats and the recap will be up by tomorrow morning from today's wiffle. In my short career, this was one if not the best Sunday wiffle. Did anyone mistakenly pick up a Canon digital camera? I did a sweep and could not find mine.

Cheers - Hot Rod

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