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Back in the Day

If you didn't hear through the grapevine, the Library of Congress has released a gang of photos on Flickr. Definitely worth a look, check them out CLICK HERE

The Great Indoor Wiffle Exhibition

I have felt incomplete for the last few months, as if a significant part of my world just disappeared in one 18 inning game of infamy. Alas the brain trust of the LowBall league has come up with an adequate substitute for months in which the ground (hopefully) is covered in white and the air is at a ball cracking chill.

I would say the indoor experiment was a legitimate success, everyone played exceptionally well (except me) and the added difficulty of balls caroming around the gym added a very interesting aspect.

Great to see all the wiffle fanatics, I thinks this should be done again...soon.


THE LAST WIFFLE: 18 Innings to Close

October 15, 2007

In case you didn't already know, I like the wiffle quite a bit. There should be no question of the dedication of the LowBall faithful after yesterday's game. In near freezing temperatures, in intermittent drizzle, a host of the old school wifflers showed up and fought through a game of epic proportions. In true LowBall fashion, the teams were randomly drawn at the start of the game, pitting the Loggers (Trot, Ox, The Surgeon, Unit, Wingman, Sharp) against the Lagers (Hot Rod, Lonichiro, J-Mac).Read more

WIFFTOBER 14th; The Last Wiffle

Image inspiration from "The Last Waltz", Original Click Here

not necessarily the last wiffle, only used for the drama

Some Inspiration

The Celebration

9.23.07 | Bury My Wiffle At Wounded Chin

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Write-up may actually happen, for now here are some of the best photos to date, in my opinion.
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Welcome Back Wiffle

For anyone wondering, this picture shows the key to my curve, crazy wrist snap.
When a man buys a house, there are many visions for future; perhaps a refurbished kitchen, maybe a game room, or even a roof that doesn't leak and a floor that doesn't slope. Well in my case, I spotted my yard and thought to myself, some day I will have a true wiffle field. Well on Sunday, the dream was finally realized, well before the other visions I might add.

Fans take advantage of HST's innovative bleachers as Shoeless Jon Wingman "insert new nickname here" Howard Howell battles the Guap.

Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Greens opened to a near capacity crowd on Sunday. It was a fitting opening, a solid game with ups and downs, defense, nasty pitching, and a few solid rallies. The home team took the win in an efficient 9 inning battle. El Guapo gets the player of the game for hitting the first homer in HST and for robbing The Unit of a big homer off the right field wall. Big props to the Unit for making a rare Sunday appearance, it made the game a true Lowball festivity. I actually have the stats sheet and will try to get a full write-up later, for now some photos.

LonIchiro sporting a very rare Ichiro road jersey from Japan.

The view out. 70 ft to the building in left, 77 to the fence, 90 straight away and 75 to the right, 7 foot fences all around.

Sideline lounge as shot from the cheap seats behind the right field fence.

Newcomer Steve The Clayman swings away against El Guapo.

The view in.

The essence of LowBall. If you know, you understand.

The Ox readies on the mound.

LowBall Coat of Arms

For those that are after the LowBall Coat of Arms, the full size image is attached in .jpg format. I have also attached the full size ticket image for your enjoyment.


I just wanted to extend a BIGGGG thanks to Mike and Olga for opening their property to us all and putting on such a fine event. It was truly a special day and I know how much stress and work goes into such a event. I wish I could have helped out more.

To show my appreciation, I put together a little something for Mike. I will try to find something a little more appropriate for Olga.

This is an exact replica of a 1965 Topps Red Sox baseball card. Here is a decent example of an original, click here. I have a very high resolution version for Mike and the photo can be changed. Once again thanks and enjoy. Hot Rod