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Wifftoberfest -


SUNDAY OCT 14th 9:07 @ GAP BRIDGE & 2:22 & Hunter S. Thompson

We will field two teams of hard core Wifflers to do battle for 27 innings for the much coveted Wifftober Stein.

Who's in?

The 1st Annual Classic - What A Success!!

And now the top 10 Reasons why the Summer Classic was a complete success:

#10 LowBall now has an official beverage supplier
#9 There was an official bullpen vehicle - a K car
#8 We looked sharp in sweet uniforms
#7 LonIchiro sang the national anthem - twice
#6 The Mountaineer's came back with 10 runs to propel themselves to the finals
#5 The family game was more exciting than the Wiffle Redemption
#4 The kids threw out the ceremonial first pitch - and had a blast all day!
#3 There were 7 lead changes in the Championship game - and it ended in dramatic walk-off fashion - what a game!
#2 In one week we raised $1500 for the Preschool Scholarship Fund
#1 Next year we'll raise more money and go even further overboard!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. We'll be sending Thank You letters to all of LowBall's fine sponsors soon. Look out for a press release sent to the local newspapers.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did!

El Guapo

LOWBALL SUMMER CLASSIC - official information and updates

Image inspired by the poster for the 1903 World Series, the first. Example here


  • Teams have been drafted read about the breakdown, click here

  • Google map to the championship game, click here

  • Printable Poster, click here

  • Schedule of events

      Friday, August 15, 2007
      5:30pm Birdseye Builders vs. The Surveyors - Middlebury Mountaineer Field (formerly Gapbridge)
      5:30pm The Mountaineers vs. DR® Power - Birdseye Field (formerly Twin Oaks)

      Sunday, August 19, 2007
      12:04pm A Wiffle Redemption sponsored by Bristol Redemption Center - Friendly Confines of DR® Field - The Surveyors vs. DR® Power
      2:30pm Family Game sponsored by Neuton Mower Company - Friendly Confines of DR® Field
      3:04pm The Danforth Pewter Championship Game - Friendly Confines of DR® Field - The Builders vs. The Mountaineers
      6:11pm Cubber's Sluggers Derby - Friendly Confines of DR® Field

  • Weather: the game will be played rain or shine, there will be a tent for protection of the fans.

  • Click for Lincoln, Vermont Forecast

  • Other Info: grills will be provided for use, bring a cooler of food and drink and get ready to heckle.

The Lincoln Cooperative Preschool Scholarship Fund Sponsorship Options

Please see the attached file for more information on our exciting sponsorship options

LOWBALL Mid-Summer Classic - Teams


Semi-Final Game 1 - DR Power vs. The Mountaineers @ Birdseye Park (formally Twin Oaks) 5:30 PM Friday night

The Mountaineers
•LonIchiro Edwards(Manager)
•Dan "The Plastic Surgeon" Guy
•Darryl Moriarty


DR Power
•Michael “El Guapo” Moriarty (Manager)
•Tommie “Trot” Thompson
•Bubba Okijima
•“The Other” Darryl Moriarty

Semi-Final Game 2 – The Birdseye Builders vs. The Surveyors @ Middlebury Mountaineer Field (formally Gap Bridge) 5:30 PM Friday night

The Birdseye Builders
•J-Mac Stilwell (Manger)
•Todd “The Preacher” Goodyear
•Shoeless Jonboy Wingman West Coast Howard Howell
•Matt “The Unit” Brown/Stephen “TBD” Atocha


The Surveyors
•Seth “Hot Rod” Beck (Manager)
•Claudio “Chin Music” Frank
•Matt (TBD) Montross
•Special K

These are four very well balanced teams, the tournament should be a action packed.

Remember: We need to raise $2,000.00 - GET THOSE SPONSORS!!!!

LowBall Mid-Summer Classic To Benefit the Lincoln Cooperative Preschool

First, I want to thank all of those that participated in our first All-Star poll. Congratulations to those voted by your Wiffle peers to represent a team in the upcoming Mid-Summer Classic. We'll be fielding teams shortly - more on that later...

Right now, I am very pleased to announce that our First Annual Mid-Summer tournament will be a benefit for the Lincoln Cooperative Preschool. Wiffle is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages and I am quite excited to get our little friends involved. The goal of the tournament is to raise a minimum of $2000 to kick off the Lincoln Cooperative Preschool Scholarship Fund.

In order to meet our goal we'll need the entire LOWBALL community to pitch in - we have three vehicles for raising money for the school.

1. I am suggesting a $10 entree fee for each player
2. We will be sending complimentary tickets to the festivities on Sunday(see schedule). At the gate there will be a $5 per family suggested doantion for entry into The Friendly Confines.Read more

Dawg Days of August - Twin Oaks

Standing on the Twin Oaks Field tonight during BP you got the feeling that this one was going to be a grind. It has been a steady stream of Wiffle for a few months now and we were still fresh off the epic 11 inning pitching dual of Sunday morning. Arms were ragged and the air was like the inside of a Vaseline jar. LowBall fans - we have entered the Dawg Days of Summer.

My intuition proved true as LonIchiro and The Unit showed poise as Claudio struggled early to cut the thick air. The Unit has really become a patient batter this summer drawing 6 BB through 13 AB's tonight. That kind of patience paid off as this dangerous duo struck early for 8 runs.

However, The Unit also struggled early with the thick air but battled to limit the damage to 6 through 2.

After two frames the "West Coast" crew showed - much to our delight - Jonboy was shoeless, J-Mac was back and Trot was looking sharp in a wicked nice Dodgers jersey. It was 8-6 heading into the 3rd and we had a 4 on 4 ballgame!

LonIchiro and El Guapo were on to pitch the 3rd and 4th for each team. It was quickly apparent that each of these Wiffle Warriors were suffering from the 4 inings pitched just two days prior. LonIchiro didn't have his signature deception and El Guapo was clearly out of gas. The Unit greeted Guapo with a moonshot into the tomatoes well beyond the left field fence. After a few pitches both must have expected their RA's to take quite a hit. What unfolded was the subplot of the night. LonIchiro showed he is a true LowBall Samuria and El Guapo is just plain stubborn. Both pitchers used deception for K's and fielded their positions well to escape while only surrendering 1 run apiece. The game remained tight into the 5th.

The 5th and 6th featured two of the players I expect to have monster LowBall numbers by seasons end. Shoeless-Jonboy WestCoast-Wingman- Howard-Howell (is that on the back of his jersey?) has such a long, sweet swing. It is tailor made for stroking Wiffle's and that is exactly what he did - once in the 5th and again in the 6th. The Shoeless one had 4 ribbies and helped pull the Lagers ahead for good. The other monster was J-Rod.

This kid has a wicked riser that is all but unhittable when thrown in and around the strike zone. When he figures out how to compliment that with some type of offspeed pitch - watch out. Complimentary pitch or not he struck out the side in the 5th and two more in the 6th. When his night was through he had held the Loggers scoreless through two more frames.

Jonboy pitched the 7th and the Loggers made a valiant effort at a comeback with patient at-bats and J-Mac's ripping two bagger. In the end the twilight might have saved this one for the Lagers. Jonboy retired the side on a K just as I was beginning to have Preacher walk off grannie visions.

The ragged arms dragged and drifted off into the thick night air. Night fell over the Twin Oaks and another Dawg Day was over. Wiffles will fly and strike zones pounded again come Sunday - I can hardly wait.

Gordon Eadesy

El Guapo On The Comeback Trail


Handsome return
Ex-Sox reliever Garces is the pride of Nashua -- and hopes to get back to the majors

By Stan Grossfeld, Globe Staff | August 3, 2007

NASHUA, N.H. -- It's four hours before game time and Holman Stadium is nearly deserted. In the parking lot, the young Nashua Pride players -- born in the 1980s -- arrive in carpool style, chatting about their girlfriends, cheap restaurants, and the lack of 34-inch bats in stock.

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Friendly Confines Game Summary 7/24/07

Records Post

I noticed on the Little Fenway site they have a records section. We should begin compiling some...and I have a few:

-Consecutive Dingers
(3) Todd Goodyear

-Consecutive One and Done's (Multi-Inning)
(3) El Guapo (I blush)

Anyone else remember some tough to beat feats???