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LowBall stands for Lincoln Old-School Wiffle Ball, and was conceived through an unlikely melding of strangely like minded individuals who found themselves, through some unlikely turn of events, living in the same town and jonesing for some frivolous entertainment. According to Jody Stillwell, J-Mac, the first ever event in Lowball history came to be when Tommie Thompson invited Mike 'El Guapo' Moriarty up to what was to become the heart of Lowball, Gap Bridge Field. Little did they know as they pitched the plastic and reverted back to the playground days when you called the base hits by imaginary lines on the ground that they would be embarking on a fantasy league journey the likes of which would make the vulcan-eared attendees at a Star Trek convention look sane.Read more

Shoddy Contract Leaves Hot Rod Questionable for the Big Confines Reopener

Shock trickled through the LowBall nation today as word of Hot Rod's questionable availability for the second game of the season surfaced. The shock rose as the seasoned veteran is not known to miss a regular season game, let alone the first LowBall night game.

The potential tardiness can be traced to an ill advised contract that Hot Rod signed following the 2007 season. Coming off a strong rookie season and a win at the inaugural Wifftober, Beck signed a 3 year contract heavily laced with performance based incentives. At the time, the Commissioner was pushing this style of contract to keep league expenses to a minimum.Read more

Kerouac at Bat

The prose in Kerouac’s various publications mostly imitates the overheated, epithet-studded sportswriting of the day. “It was partly homage,” Mr. Gewirtz said, “and perhaps partly parody, but every now and then an original phrase leaps out.” For example, the description of a hitter who “almost drove Charley Fiskell, Boston’s hot corner man, into a shambled heap in the last game with his sizzling drives through the grass.”

Mr. Gewirtz said, “I really like that ‘shambled heap.’ ” Another description he enjoys is one of an overpowering pitcher who after defeating the opposition by a lopsided score “smiled wanly.”

Kerouac wrote his last baseball account, two mock United Press International reports, in 1958, but he continued to play the game and to tinker with its formulas, making them more realistic, until just a year or two before his death in 1969. His friend the poet Philip Whalen was probably the only one of the Beats who was familiar with this side of Kerouac.

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"The Human Eyeball" Still Sees All

As karmic redemption goes...I am not an overly religious man though, at times, I can't help but see more than mere coincidence in certain events of life.  Long have I enjoyed the reverie of the LowBallers yet of late I must admit to troubled sleep.  

I have heard tell that the trophy, that Chalice of Chalices, is no longer of the integrity which all Wifflers witnessed throughout the day.  Mere hours after the Lager's laid victorious hands upon the Cup of Lord Wiffle its gleam began to fade.  The finely crafted new base, the foundation if you will, has come undone.  Lord Wiffle perhaps casts his thoughts of the Lager's initial scoring runs for us mere mortals to ponder?Read more

BREAKING: Bristol Tribune Columnist Sparks Controversary over the "Beerman" call

Early this morning the rumblings started. The first photos from actual play were emerging in virtual print as I, celebrated wiffle columnist Hugh Wifflerton, started to dig into the most controversial play of the weekend's season finale. I had smelled something rank about it early on and it was not just the stench coming from a bunch of hung-over wifflers filled up with chili.Read more

LMZ | Lord Wiffle's Chalice Debauchery Caught by Papparazzi


Details are slim, but LMZ has secured the above photo showing Lord Wiffle's Chalice in an obvious state of dismay.  The wifflers were spotted leaving Dan's Place late on Saturday evening as patrons chanted and saluted the departing heroes.  This photo, taken outside of the HST venue, shows champion J-Mac holding the trophy as defeated Logger El Guap silently voices his disapproval.  The trophy was later spotted on the outskirts of Bristol missing its base and an handle.  Read more

This is the PeaceMaker

This is the PeaceMaker. It has served as my trusty wiffle bat for over 25 years.

We all lose pieces of our life along with bits of ourselves as we travel through time. Wiffle represents this for a good part of the population, both physically and emotionally. It is truly a kid's game and the vast majority left their childhood behind years ago, along with the bits and pieces.

For whatever reason, I held onto wiffle through-out the years. It is a place I can always go that is void of all the responsibility and stress of adulthood. It is a place where I am free to act like the wide-eyed energetic child deep within my soul. This beautiful piece of yellow plastic was born in what I consider the greatest era of wiffle bats. It is easily identified as an 80's vintage wiffle bat by the square block logo. The early edition bats of this vintage used more plastic for the barrel and thus created a stronger bat. The ball flies off of it with much more consistent power and the bat stands up to abuse and age much better.

It was during a trip home that I stumbled upon my faithful bat and resurrected into the LowBall league. We didn't name our wiffle bats back in the day. No we kept the names for the bats we carved out of fallen trees. I sat for hours, days carving until it was finally complete and the wood burning set would come out. If the bat was good enough, the simple word PeaceMaker would be branded into its mid section. The name PeaceMaker dates back to the single action Colt revolver favored by the lawmen of the Wild West, including one Wyatt Earp. And in this sense the name pays homage to two of my childhood passions, wiffle and Westerns. The bat currently sports a katana sword style grip. This is the second time she has been wrapped in such a manner, however this wrap uses hockey grip tape. Given its history and the unique handle, the bat is one of my prized possessions. Since resurrecting it, I have only swung one other bat and it was another find from my childhood. I only swung it during one at bat.

HST is ready for wiffle

Wiffle Ready

Scientology backs the Loggers

Family Potluck CANCELED but Wiffle is ON as HR confirms

GapBridge Field

Lincoln, Vermont

October 03, 2009

Game starts @ HIGH NOON