Wifftober VI: A Preview

For five consecutive years, the mighty wifflers of LowBall have gathered every October for one grueling 18 inning battle in variable conditions and across the breadth of LowBall fields. The victors receive the privilege of guzzling celebratory beverages from the sacred chalice of Lord Wiffle. It is said to be a one game season that can either haunt or delight the wiffler for the following 364 days.Read more

The Marquee Series: Wifftober VI

The sixth and final poster in the Marquee Series has been released. In an effort to stir up some excitement for the league's sixth Wifftober, the LowPress made the decision to offer up the artwork well ahead of the big game. This piece strays a bit from the style of the previous five. The crest to the left combines antlers as a classic symbol of fall with a wiffle ball and the sacred chalice. This crest has smooth lines through-out and only uses two colors, making it ideal for merchandise, say a stein or a t-shirt.Read more

Marquee Series: The Church of Wiffle

The LowPress is proud to release the fifth of six marquee posters, The Church of Wiffle. Not only does this game represent a return to the hallowed grounds of GapBridge, but the simple soul that LowBall league is based upon. Despite a season of low attendance one can be sure that this will be a game to savior.

The Masters of Wiffle Image Leaked

Late last week it was brought to the attention of the LowPress that the official poster for the 2nd annual Masters of Wiffle had been spotted in various places in the country. The LowPress is currently investigating how such a leak could happen.

New York City - somewhere in Greenwich VillageRead more

Minneapolis St. Paul Airport

MID6 - Return of LowBall

With all due respect to Season V, a fine year of wiffle by any measure, 2012 has marked the full and complete resurrection of the world famous LowBall league. Following the trainwreck of a season that was IV, fans have longed for the old days of LowBall. As we reach the mid point of the season, I, famed wiffle journalist Hugh Wifflerton, take a moment to reflect on what we have laid witness to so far. Play has been precise and competitive fueled by legends like the Surgeon, Commish, and Lonichiro but with new life from the rookies, Bad Science, The Show, and Bento Box.Read more

The Marquee Series: Wiffdependence

The third release in the Marquee series, Wiffdependence, has roots in one of the most famous LowBall images of all time. Last season when the LowPress unveiled the American Revolution inspired Wiffdependence art, it caused a national phenomenon. At least two people were spotted with cheap knock off t-shirts. The image showed up on no less than three wiffle webpages and many feel catapulted to site to its current 13th ranking in the World Wiffle Website ranking. The fame of the original Wiffdependence art spawned this year's poster series and made the street artist Wiffsky internet famous in his own mind.Read more

Wiffmetrics of Epicocity

It hasn’t always been, and it won’t last forever, but LOWBALL creates moments rarely seen in modern yard sport. Why? To begin to explore this question we need to examine the four fundamental factors that have created the grandest of moments and noblest of pursuits.

1. Play and Theatre

Most adults spend far too little time engaged in imaginative play.

2. Silliness

Modern life is fraught with deals, deadlines and disillusion.

3. Competition

Epic moments can’t play out unless both sides want it more than the other.
jill3.jpgRead more

4. Community

The Marquee Series: Wiffsolstice

To the casual viewer, the LowBall season may appear to be just another collection of meaningless wiffle battles. Embed yourself into this motley group of plastic partitioners and you quickly uncover a thoroughly unique season long celebration of ridiculous fun. This series of wiffle gatherings acknowledges the fortune to share another year of wiffle with like minded maniacs. Taken as a whole, the marquee games of LowBall form a grand opportunity for revelry and rivalry, a three season celebration, an event to be savored and appreciated.
WIFFSOLtee.jpgRead more

The Marquee Series: Wiffmorial

Every season the LowBall connoisseur is treated to a veritable smorgasbord of piping hot wiffle. Within this feast of fast pitch, there are a few games that come with elevated pomp and plastic. These special festive occasions are eagerly awaited, with advance tickets selling faster than West Coast chooches a cold beverage. In seasons past, the casual observer had no way to identify these games prior to spotting the tall socks and High Life.Read more

The Fields of LowBall: Temples of Play

As you close the car door, squeezed into the last available parking spot, and turn towards the field, you leave reality behind and enter into a realm of fantasy, where ordinary middle age men are sporting heroes and time seems to stand still. While the heart of LowBall lies with its cast of characters, the soul of the league resides in the soil and sod of the fields. These meticulously maintained pitches of plastic provide the canvas on which the epics are painted. Every game is an opportunity for the ordinary wiffler to weave themselves into the fabric of that field's history. The privilege to immerse oneself into a world where your worries and travails neither exist nor matter.Read more