What the Wiffle?

When is the next game? I made it home from West Virginia with all my teeth and now I am ready to wiffle.

Wiffling Around the World

Here are a few shots from last summer

Getting hit hard in Kazakhstan

Teaching the kids in Mongolia

First Annual LOWBALL Summer Classic

To celebrate the mid-point of our fine sporting year I would like to organize a tournament - The 2008 LOWBALL Summer Classic - .

Here's the proposed format:

-4 (3-4) Player Teams
Teams are managed by player elected "All-Stars". These players will be elected through an online poll. The 4 All-Stars will hold a private draft to round out the teams and 2 divisions.

Teams A&B play Thursday night at Gap Bridge. Teams C&D play Friday Night at Twin Oaks

-Sunday Festivities at the Friedly ConfinesRead more

The Friendly Confines of DR® Field

The Friendly Confines of DR® Field

GSWL Play-offs